Why you'll need water handy on New Year's Eve

IF THE weather bureau is on the right track, then Ipswich is in for a sweltering start to the new year.

The arrival of northerly winds from Friday will push maximum temperatures up into the high 30s, peaking on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.

The Bureau of Meteorology has forecast maximum temperatures of 37 for both Saturday and Sunday, with only the slightest chance of showers.

Perhaps even worse than the high temperatures will be the high humidity factor - a characteristic of Ipswich at this time of year.

Bureau forecaster Gordon Banks said humidity would be up around the 80-90% mark on New Year's Eve, with the temperature to remain in the mid 20s as Ipswich sings in the New Year at midnight.

"We are looking at a dew point up around 22 degrees - which is going to be pretty uncomforable when you consider Darwin in the summer is about 25 degrees," Mr Banks said.

Dew point refers to the maximum atmospheric temperature at which dew will begin to form.

A low dew point occurs during our driest times of winter.

Winds will turn more easterly on Monday, dropping the temperatures back down into the low-to-mid 30s.

There will be a higher chance of showers early next week, with the Bureau of Meteorology giving Ipswich a 60% chance of seeing up to 8mm of rain.

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