Ipswich, Springfield has the most expensive fuel in SEQ

CLOSE to 30 petrol stations in Ipswich are selling unleaded petrol well above the RACQ's fair fuel price today.

The state's peak motoring body suggest drivers should be aiming to pay 144.2cpl for unleaded petrol but 17 of the city's cheapest service stations are selling unleaded for 147.1cpl.

Ipswich has the most expensive fuel in southeast Queensland, breaking a three-year record, and the RACQ does not expect prices to improve for at least a few weeks.

Petrol stations at Lecihhardt, West Ipswich, Ipswich, Raceview, North Ipswich, Flinders View, Yamanto, Brassall, Silkstone, Booval, Ripley, Amberley, Blacksoil, Karalee and Bundamba are all selling unleaded for close to three cpl higher then the RACQ says is fair.

It's the same at 12 petrol stations in the Springfield, Camira, Bellbird Park and Redbank Plains area.

It comes after the RACQ last week warned drivers to fill up ahead of an expected three-year fuel price hike.

RACQ spokeswoman Renee Smith said she was shocked by the blatant money grab by "a handful" of petrol stations.

"We are angry at this, we wouldn't have expected these petrol stations to go this high and now we are really worried the others are going to follow and if they do we will reach a record high.

"We haven't seen prices like this in three and a half years."

Ms Smith said fuel prices were not likely to drop for a couple of weeks.

Ms Smith said prices had not been this high since October 2014.

"Unfortunately what happens is when we hit the peak it then only falls by a cent or two a litre each day," she said.

"Fuel prices went up very suddenly and we didn't get to have the cheap phase of the cycle, it never went to wholesale.

"We haven't had anywhere near the wholesale, these prices were jacked up to record highs and we're bring ripped off."

She said drivers wanting to pay less at the bowser between now and then would need to make the trip to Toowoomba.


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