Why you should hold off on a tip run this weekend

IPSWICH City Council is urging residents with plenty of time on their hands and weekend plans likely cancelled to hold off from doing a tip run until spring.

The city's two recycling and refuse centres in Riverview and Rosewood would usually be bracing for a spike in visitors over the Easter long weekend.

Resource recovery manager Mark Sines said public holidays brought a surge of visitors, with the four-day Easter long weekend usually seeing twice as much waste through the gates than normal.

"School holidays in general are also busier," Mr Sines said.

"When people have time at home they tend to take that opportunity to clean up the house and get rid of unwanted items.

"We have already seen this happening now at other councils."

With everyone required to do their bit to stop the spread of coronavirus, residents are being asked to reconsider their plans to visit the centres this weekend.

"We've had to close half of the existing unloading bays to ensure we maintain social distancing recommendations, so we are expecting average waiting times just to enter the centres to be at least 20 to 30 minutes, with even longer delays depending on the surge of residents trying to utilise the facilities," he said.

"Now is not the time to do a household clean out and then take a trip to the city's refuse and recycling centres.

"You can make a big difference by simply waiting until spring to do a big clean.

"Please stay at home, practise social distancing and help us reduce the spread of this virus."

The Riverview and Rosewood recycling and refuse centres will be closed on Good Friday but will otherwise be open as normal between 8am and 5pm daily.

To protect the health and safety of customers and staff, both centres are now only accepting EFTPOS card payments.

This is to help prevent the spread of the virus through banknotes and coins.

For more information about the centres including what waste they accept, recycling facilities and conditions of entry, visit the website.

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