St Mary's College Principal Judith Finan and students love City Pride!
St Mary's College Principal Judith Finan and students love City Pride! Darren Hallesy

Why support local business?

WHEN you're in business, nothing is more important than keeping your dollars in your city, and that's what City Pride means.

When you shop with a small business, your money is going to a family that just like you, shops locally, pays a mechanic to fix their car, put their kids through school and eat out in local restaurants.

Small business owners remain the backbone of our community, and our economy.

Sponsors Riverlink are a prime example of what it means for Ipswich people to keep their dollars in our city.

Marketing manager Robyn Bannister-Tyrrell said that Riverlink is a proud local shopping centre that is pleased to be part of the Ipswich economy.

"It's vital for local businesses to support locals, and to keep these dollars in Ipswich because it means employment at the end of the day," she said.

"The more people shopping, the more people working, and the more people working means the local economy grows and prospers.

"So many people in Ipswich rely on retail and small businesses for employment, from fast food, to clothing, to service centres and even the people who clean the centre each night while we're all asleep.

"Every single person who works at a shopping centre relies on customers coming in and shopping locally."

"Being part of a small business is all about being part of the community," added Prouds assistant manager Sharon. "People support us, and we support them.

"It's a win/win."

One of the sponsors of the City Pride campaign St Mary's College, is a school that relies on support from local businesses and actively seeks out to use locals whenever they can, from maintenance and employment to participation in community events and the everyday workings of a school

"St Mary's college is proud to be called a community, where we are partnering with local businesses who really value us as a school and value education in the community," said St Mary's College principal Judith Finan.

"So in turn we value them in terms of sponsorship and support.

"We are proud to be St Mary's College IPSWICH, and proud of who we are.

"We actively seek local businesses to work with us with whatever we are doing in the community, we hope it's a win/win situation.

"We support them and they support us.

"What happens in Ipswich stays in Ipswich and benefits Ipswich... which means we all benefit in the end.

"Again, it's a win/win, and who doesn't love that?"

Shop locally and get yourself in the draw today!

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