'Why don't we call it daylight wasting, not saving'

YOUR SAY: MAY I reply to Greg Johnson's support of daylight saving. I have a more appropriate title, daylight wasting.

  I suggest all the points put forward by Mr Johnson carry no weight whatsoever. Regarding the quote regarding time difference leaving Wellcamp airport to Sydney, at present time both South Australia is 30 minutes and Western Australia two hours difference to other states and that applies all years.

If one flies to various destinations - say Europe, there's at least 10 hour difference.    As for communication today, there is a wide range of technology to contact and successfully carry out any business transaction. 

  Daylight saving was devised by the Poms in the war years, first to save on electricity - for workers to arrive home earlier to save on that power and be able to spend more time with family. Public transport was not available as it is today.   

The vast difference between Europe and Australia's climate is ridiculous to even compare. I have timed the actual time of sun rise and sun set in the middle of summer here in Queensland, it is 14 hours.

Of course a large proportion of protagonists of daylight wasting are the clubs and casinos for patrons to while away an extra hour or two for higher profits.  

But the sector of society that is most disadvantaged by the change are the many thousands of school children and their families who travel long distances on buses outside of Brisbane and Toowoomba, who arrive home in the heat of day.

Unless one has experienced this daily grind, one cannot even contemplate changing the clock by one hour to satisfy the city population.  

Joh Bjelke Petersen said daylight saving would never happen while he was Premier and when Wayne Goss became Premier, one of his first acts he said would be to bring in DST, but when he investigated further, decided too many outside of Brisbane would be disadvantaged.

For that decision alone I give Wayne Goss, an ALP Premier, top marks.  

The climate in Queensland is vastly different to southern states and I strongly believe that EST is the best time for the Sunshine State.  

S. TREMAYNE, Toowoomba

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