Why dogs have a need to run free

NO ONE ever asks the question "Why are people walking their dogs in the park unleashed?"

They are walking their dog without a lead because it fulfils a basic need for a dog and human. And the council has not given permission for anywhere to "walk" with our dogs off lead nothing settles a dogs mind as much as "walking" with their owner off lead.

Dog parks are playgrounds for dogs and the vast majority of dogs are not suited to go into them because of space.

Dogs don't like being locked in with other dogs without room to get away.

I have identified numerous places where owners could walk their dogs off lead where it wouldn't affect any member of the public, "because they don't go there anyway."

I have phoned or written to most of the current councillors over the years to try and explain how important this is for the psychological well being of dogs. Only one councillor has bothered returning my call. None of them have answered a letter.

I wrote a long letter to our mayor two years ago asking to let me explain "why" it is so important.

Two years later, I'm still waiting!

Brisbane manages to provide somewhere. The Gold Coast has beaches and other countries can provide hundreds of acres.

But Ipswich offers nothing! Even though it will cost council nothing!

ANDY LEA, West Ipswich


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