COMMON PROBLEM?: Are you like Modern Mum, fed up listening to your young children argue
COMMON PROBLEM?: Are you like Modern Mum, fed up listening to your young children argue Wavebreakmedia Ltd

Modern Mum: Why can't my kids be nice to each other?

WILL the fighting ever stop? My two monsters have been at each other for weeks now and lately it's been far worse than usual!

Is it the moon? Their diet? Or just their age? I don't know!

Teachers tell me they are perfect. Baby sitters and family members tell me they're angels. When they are with their Dad or my partner is looking after them, they wouldn't dare act up. No, all of their insubordination is specially saved for the one person who loves them more than anyone and that's me.

The same person who fought tooth and nail to rearrange her afternoon this Friday so they can attend their first school disco. Now I'm unsure if they will even be allowed to go, it's been that bad.

I came home the other day and it was like I stepped on some kind of trip wire as soon as I walked in the door. Sending them into a wild frenzy that had been suppressed all day. Saved up especially to drive me crazy after a hectic day at work!

My eight-year-old "Miss dibber dobber" immediately tells me that her brother had graffitied a rude word on the cubby house, and then he gets upset with her for doing so.

We sort that one out and five minutes later all I can hear is a blood-curdling scream coming from the other end of the house! I had visions of my daughter's head doing a 360-degree turn as she screeched her brother's name at the top of her lungs!

"Why did you break my Barbie dolls leg off"?

"I didn't. It just fell off". Was his surprisingly calm response.

I referee that one for a while, until Barbie is fixed and apologies are made.

We get through dinner (barely) and decide to play a game of "go fish" before bed. Inevitably someone has to lose. That someone gets upset and I call early bedtime for everyone. The same someone then gets bitten on the foot by her brother for ruining the game and sending him to bed early.

They both go to bed upset and I was insane enough to think I could return a phone call I'd missed from a client earlier that afternoon.

How could I be so silly? Everyone knows that children go nuts when they hear their mother on talking to someone on the phone. What was I thinking?

They both got louder and louder and the whole time all I could picture was a crazy scene from planet of the apes occurring in their bedrooms.

I told my client it was the TV.

In fact, I'm thinking of changing my message bank to "sorry I can't come to the phone right now, because I can't hear you ringing over my children's screaming".

I am still undecided about this Friday's disco, I may have two spare tickets available.


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