AWL re-homing team leader Catherine Macdonald with Wombat, a brindle dog looking for a home.
AWL re-homing team leader Catherine Macdonald with Wombat, a brindle dog looking for a home. Rob Williams

Why brindle is the new black

WOMBAT arrived at the Ipswich Animal Welfare League shelter before Christmas and is still waiting for a loving home.

The four-month-old is the last in a litter-of-five to be adopted, and shelter manager Nicole Cannon suspects it is because he is brindle in colour.

The AWL says darker-coloured dogs aren't as popular as others.

To combat this problem, the shelter will have a week-long price cut on brindle dogs, slashing $100 off what they usually charge.

"The staffies, bull arabs and mastiff crosses are a common breed and a lot of people come in for small and fluffy dogs," Ms Cannon said.

"It is easier to re-home other colours but the brindle and black tend to get overlooked."

Ms Cannon said despite the perception larger dogs were unsuitable for families, all animals at the Ipswich shelter had their temperament assessed, which meant they could be suitably adopted to the right family.

"If families are happy to look at a medium to large dog, we will help them match up the right one with their circumstances," she said.

"If you have the time to put training into your pup they will become good pets. We know if a dog handles nicely or if it needs training - if you haven't got the time to train them we'd match you with an appropriate dog."

AWL marketing manger Brooke Whitney said there were loads of brindle-coloured dogs currently looking for new homes in Ipswich.

"We have noticed a trend that darker-coloured animals tend to take longer to re-home.

"We aren't sure why this is but could perhaps be because they are less noticeable then their lighter-coloured companions," Ms Whitney said.

Medium and large dogs' adoption fees are usually $240, which means Ipswich people could adopt a new pet from $140 until April 8.

"It costs our shelters approximately $500 in medical bills, food and assessments to ensure an animal is ready to be re-homed so we are incurring an incredible loss," she said.

"We are open throughout the Easter break, except Good Friday, and encourage anyone looking to adopt an animal to come and pay us a visit."

AWL Ipswich is open 10am until 5pm and is located on Hooper St, West Ipswich. Visit

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