Adam Guthrie’s talk changed Wayne MacDonnell’s life.
Adam Guthrie’s talk changed Wayne MacDonnell’s life.

Why an Ipswich baby boomer turned to veganism

AS WE enter a new decade, what will the ’20s bring with it for you?

You know for the best part of my adult life, I had lived an unhealthy lifestyle.

I ate and drank whatever I wanted and didn’t consider exercise. And it showed.

I was getting bigger and bigger.

Then, about two-and-a-half years ago I decided that if I was to live well into my older years, continue travelling and enjoy life then I had to make some drastic changes to my lifestyle.

After much research, reading articles by highly trained medical doctors (mostly from the States) I decided I would start a vegan lifestyle.

I also started to go to the gym daily. I cut out eating meat and anything with dairy products in it and I began to feel much better in myself.

This wasn’t enough because a lot of vegan products you can buy in the stores are all processed foods and they are not healthy.

You can still increase your weight eating these products.

Then six months ago I attended a talk by a chef named Adam Guthrie.

He is a professionally qualified chef, has a certificate in plant-based nutrition and is the Founder of I Feel Good Magazine.

Adam is the vegan food writer for the national magazine EatWell and has been featured on ABC radio, the Osher Gunsberg and the Plant Proof podcasts.

That night changed my life.

It all fell into place during his talk.

He discussed the principles of whole food plant-based nutrition and how it has helped people prevent and heal lifestyle diseases.

He explained how a plant-base diet supports good gut health and heart health and demonstrated how to prepare and cook a delicious whole food plant based dishes. He discussed where you get your protein, calcium, iron and other nutrients living a plant-based lifestyle.

The evening was such an eye-opener. And I have been living this lifestyle ever since. And I feel so much better, much more energetic for it.

The recipes in his I Feel Good ebook are absolutely delicious and easy to prepare.

He provides a list all the things you need to cook this way from utensils to ingredients and explains in a very easy way how to prepare and cook each one.

There are delicious salads, soups and deserts all plant based.

The great thing about this is Adam Guthrie is back in Ipswich on January 14, at 9 Eileen St, Booval for another intimate evening packed full of plant-based cooking tips and inspiration for better health. He will inspire you to eat more plants for better health, more energy and to feel good.

The cost of the evening is only $22 which includes a beautiful meal. But you do have to book on line at the following link:

I cannot recommend this special evening more highly to you especially if you are deciding you want to become healthier in 2020.

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