Who should pay for school air-conditioners?

SHOULD Ipswich schools be fitted out with air-conditioning?

Division 3 candidate Danny Donohue's push to have council fund air-conditioning in Ipswich schools through a grants program is gaining momentum.

We took to Facebook to find out what Ipswich thinks of this campaign proposal.

Readers were divided on the issue, with many highlighting that the fitting out of air-conditioners in schools was not a council issue. 

"No way we spent all of our schooling with the odd fan, this [is] why today's children have no respect," Lee Greenhill said.

Myrna Weston also pointed out that in her days students had to make do without air-conditioned classrooms.

Steve Brown agreed. "Back in my day we had fans and windows. It was hard but would you believe we all survived and don't dwell on it," he said.

But Joshua Waddington said it was something that needed to happen.

"I, being a school student a few years ago, struggled to focus in class on hot 36+degree days with only ceiling fans running, air-con rooms would be very beneficial for the students as it does affect their focus on studies."

Sharon Lee Lazarus agreed that all schools needed to have air-conditioning in rooms as it did get very hot.

Tania Mc firmly believed that all students and staff would benefit from having their sweltering Queensland classrooms air-conditioned, but said that any funds to pay for air conditioning units needed to be done in conjunction with the school executive to ensure running costs could be covered in the school budget.

"This will only work if the State Government is able to prioritise it, and can find funds in the budget for ongoing costs.

"I truly hope that this happens very soon.

"But in the meantime, local government candidates should stop promising funds for things that just aren't feasible," she said.

Maree Landsdown said air-conditioning would be lovely in all public buildings.

"So perhaps he should start with those that council own and spend council money on council assets not state government ones," she said.

A teacher herself, Tenielle Isabella said it was up to each school's P&C to fund the air-conditioners and then pay the power bills for running them.

"The costs are ridiculous. Aircon would be lovely in schools but as I am a teacher there are more things that need these funds," she said.

Chantal Brennan highlighted the benefits that supplying schools with solar panels could have.

"With the money they save , they can buy their own air-conditioners," she said.

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