BATMAN will be running in the annual Park 2 Park race this month in the half marathon as he takes a day off from fighting crime.

Sidekick Robin will also be making an appearance but only at the end of the race to cross the finish line.

Underneath the Batman cape is Ipswich's Graham Whittaker, who is lining up for his second Park2Park in costume. His son, Cameron, is under Robin get-up.

The race raises funds for Ipswich Hospital Foundation.

Mr Whittaker said dressing up as Batman "all started when I was doing a fun run for kids down in Melbourne in 2007".

"It was a charity event and I thought I'd do it for fun," he said.

"I've still got the Batman suit and I do a bit of running.

"With the atmosphere of the Park2Park it just makes it a little bit more interesting.

"Some people take it a little bit more seriously but I like to have a fun morning of it.

"My two-year-old son, Cameron, will be there.

"Last year I grabbed him over the line and ran across the line with him and he had a bit of fun."

The Batman costume gets plenty of feedback from spectators and runners.

"This is my second year as Batman in the Park2Park but I'll probably keep it going every year now," Mr Whittaker said.

"It is a nice event in winter because you get very hot in the suit.

"I wouldn't want to do it in summer.

"I really recommend dressing up to anyone.

"You get a lot of support with cheering along the way and kids giving high fives.

"You still end up doing OK even though you are dressed up.

"I do like Batman, but no more than the average guy.

"It is just a suit I liked and picked up once.

"I've got to keep it going now ... and Batman is a lot better than a lot of superheroes out there."

The events consist of a 21.1km half marathon, a 5km run, a 10km run and a 5km walk.

Participants planning to run and walk in the 5km events must register in the 5km run as running is not permitted in the 5km walk.

Parents with prams are permitted to compete in the 5km run and 5km walk and must start at the back behind all other participants.

Dogs are permitted in the 5km run and 5km walk but must also start at the back.


  • When: Sunday, July 28
  • Where: Limestone Park


  • Half marathon - 6.30am
  • 10km challenge - 8am
  • 5km run- 8.45am
  • 5km walk - 9am

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