Watyouseeiswatuget, driven by Justin Pascoe, won race six at last Saturday's Marburg Pacing Association meeting.
Watyouseeiswatuget, driven by Justin Pascoe, won race six at last Saturday's Marburg Pacing Association meeting. Vic Pascoe

Whip ban triggers important meeting

A MEETING of 30 plus Botra members and interested persons was held last Monday night at Albion Park to establish a position for Queensland harness participants in response to harness Racing Australia's decision to ban the whip from harness racing.

Suffice to say it was a lively meeting.

The following response from Racing Queensland should be seen as timely and positive in every sense. This is a mega issue and requires participants to consider, among other things, the viability of harness in Queensland now and in the future.

Racing Queensland and BOTRA invite all interested persons to attend a meeting at Albion Park on January 16 at 6.30pm to discuss the Harness Racing Australia (HRA) announcement in December of a whip ban in all races and training, effective September 1 next year.

Topics for discussion in relation to the whip rules include, but will not be limited to: Facts related to the ban in racing and training; ensuring harness racing aligns with community expectation and building a 21st century fan base; feedback and consultation regarding the announcement; discussion items from the BOTRA Industry meeting held in December; addressing safety and the development and use of a "Safety Crop'' (for use in racing and training).

HRA chief executive Andrew Kelly and Racing Queensland CEO Dr Eliot Forbes will be in attendance with other RQ staff and available to discuss this important matter.

Formal submissions are encouraged in advance of the meeting as topics for further discussion.

These can be furnished by email to Racing Queensland prior to January 10 at harnesshandicapping@


Attendees are asked to advise Racing Queensland in advance of their intention to attend the meeting thus enabling us to suitably cater, in terms of seating, for the number of attendees.

To advise of your attendance please use the email address above.

'Edjo' among the best

IT was not the Christmas message we, of the older Queensland trotting demographic, were looking for last week.

"The Man in Black" , Ron Edgerton, passed away in Gold Coast Hospital.

"Edjo" was very much the son of his father, Sir Jack Edgerton, the Labour Party stalwart who went beyond the ALP pale by accepting a Knighthood for his contribution to a better Queensland.

When I came to the Sunshine State in the late 70's, my first memories of Ron were a stocky figure calling the races at Rocklea.

He then descended between events to operate his mainstay business, the Queensland Standardbred Agencies truck.

In this converted float was pretty much every item of harness, shoes, supplements etc, that the discerning participant could desire, especially those who had forgotten to pack the gear bag correctly.

A feature of the Edgerton race call were those very brief pauses when the Lord of the Public address would have a drag on a cigarette mid sentence.

How he did it, was and is, a mystery to this day.

The racing commitments satisfied, "Edjo" would depart on his weekly stable run where he dispensed all the current news and scandal (mostly the latter) along with the sale of consumables.

He was a totally committed trotting man who at various times, was secretary manager of the Gold Coast Club when it operated at Stevens Trotway under the presidency of Russ Hinze.

Ron was later president, with the brilliant Peter Crawford as secretary.

No wonder it was a successful club.

Ron called the trots at the Exhibition for more than three decades, which probably means that he called to bigger "on course" crowds than 90% of today's commentators could begin to imagine.

Those who knew Ron Edgerton well will remember a happy and friendly man with an eye for the ladies, a sharp wit, and a keen sense of humour.

They will be the poorer for his passing.

Handy tips

SELECTIONS for Albion Park tonight.

R1: Box trifecta 1-4-5 - Epaulette (A. Sanderson), Ketut (C. Petroff), Murano (D. McMullen).

R2: Box trifecta 1-3-5 - My Mach Scooter (S. Graham), Vader (D. McMullen), Slipa- slygrin (T. Dawson).

R3: Box trifecta 1-5-8 - Corporal Luna (G. Dixon), Clarkey (S. Graham), Washington Flier.

R4: Box trifecta 1-2-3 - Sparkling Cullect (S. Graham), Major Command, Tallyho Bromac.

R5: Box trifecta 1-7-9 - The Endeavour (N. McMul- len),Yankee Strutter (G. Whitaker), Soldier Of Fortune (N. Dawson).

R6: Box trifecta 5-10-12 - Another Fireball (T. Moffat), Sache Girl (S. Graham), Our Diamond Edition (A Millard).

R7: Box trifecta in four 2-3 - Teo Enteo (G. Whitaker), American Legend (T. Moffat), Caesars Folly (M. Neilson), Purple Royale (M. Elkins).

R8: Box trifecta in four 1-5 - Smokin Bird (S. Graham), Tenacious One (M. Elkins), Starzzz Of Icon (T. Dawson), Montana Falcon (B. Graham).

R9: Box trifecta in four 1-2-4-8 - Compton Street (H. Barnes), Always Prompt (T. Dixon), Deano Robyn (G. Dixon), Remember Them (N. Dawson).

To all readers, a merry Christmas and the best of years to come in 2017.

Honour board

Gary Whitaker has forged himself a regular position on the driver's side of the leader board with five wins for the week, hotly pursued by Nathan Dawson on four. Leading trainer was Darrell Graham, ensuring a supply of "Christmas Ducks'' by leading in three winners for the period. The most pleasing effort has to be the win of Red Castle Warrior at Redcliffe Thursday for Kevin Annetts.

Albion Park, December 16: Wattlebank Flyer (Pete for Chantal Turpin); Armbro Teehee (Gary Whitaker for Graeme Gavin); Bella Rippin (Pete for Jamie Donovan).

Albion Park, December 17: Epaulette (Adam Sanderson for Ian Gurney); Lamorak (Pete for Chantal Turpin); Neveah (Nathan Dawson for Lacey Hinze).

Marburg, December 17: Monkseaton (Gary Whitaker for Jay Edmunds); Emargee (Ricky Gordon); Domestic Art (Hayden Barnes for Wayne Davis); Coralie Joy (Nathan Dawson for Mark Rees); Watuseeiswatuget (Justin Pascoe).

Albion Park, December 20: Major Command (Shane Graham for Rachel Scott); Stonebridge Royal (Danielle McMullen for Christina Cini); Another Broadway (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham).

Redcliffe, December 21: My Ajaye (Hayden Barnes for Josh Moore); Hotshot Anvil (Gary Whitaker for Graeme Gavin); Red Luck (Brittany Graham); Captainturbulence (Danielle McMullen for Ryan Veivers); Teo Enteo (Gary Whitaker for Rachel Scott); Rib And Roll (Dan Russell); Mister Hart (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham)

Redcliffe, December 22: High Cloud Lass (Denis Smith); Countourluckystars (Clint Sneddon for Ricky Gordon); Heavens Hint (Nathan Dawson for Stewie Dickson); Moveinoutatown (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby); Red Castle Warrior (Kevin Annetts); CountDown (Nathan Dawson for Greg Franklin).

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