Which STIs are spreading in Ipswich?

DOCTORS are warning the community to get themselves checked with the most commonly reported sexually transmitted infection in Ipswich not always presenting symptoms.

The number of cases of gonorrhoea (139) and syphilis (infectious) (34) in the West Moreton Health catchment this year up until September 1 are higher than the number of cases for the same time frame in the past two years.

The reported cases of chlamydia (747) for this year so far is lower than the 824 recorded by September 1 last year but higher than the 731 in 2017.

There have been 13 cases of syphilis (late) recorded this year so far.

No cases of chancroid or lymphogranuloma venereum have been reported in the West Moreton area in the past three years.

West Moreton Health acting executive director of medical services Dr Khalid Ali said a better understanding of the rate of STIs in the region as people become more aware of the need to manage their sexual health.

"While numbers vary from year to year there is no information to suggest that the West Moreton region is seeing a significant increase in the rates of sexually transmitted infections," Dr Ali said.

"One of the most commonly reported STIs in West Moreton is chlamydia.

"Because people with chlamydia may not have symptoms, they can be unaware they have the infection and pass it on unknowingly.

"If you have an STI, you should inform any sexual partners you have had in the past six months, so they can also be tested to prevent further infection in the community."

Dr Ali urged members of the community to take simple precautions to prevent the spread of STIs.

These include practising safe sex, including using a condom, discussing your sexual health with your partner and having a sexual health check at least once a year or more frequently if you have a higher number of sexual partners.

You can catch an STI through any form of unprotected sex, including vaginal, oral and anal sex.

West Moreton Health's Sexual Health Service is located on Bell St in Ipswich and provides free and confidential sexual health checks to anyone in the community.

To make an appointment, call 38172428.

Further information is available by visiting here.

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