BYGONE ERA: An old advertisement for Hyceno.
BYGONE ERA: An old advertisement for Hyceno.

When the world of advertising took hold


Two of the Queensland officers who served in the Boer War, and who received the Colonial Auxillary Australians Officers Decoration, were Major F.B.T.W Koch and Lt J.F. Flewel-Smith. This was in the early 1900s.


The appearance of a "horseless carriage" was a novelty in Ipswich in October 1902, so when one was driven about town it attracted considerable interest.

It was a two-seater conveyance and those who saw it in motion were astonished at the ease of its progress and the perfect control which the driver had over it.

The car was brought to Ipswich by Knight Eaton who represented the Austral Motor Car and Engineering Co. Travelling from Brisbane, the car took only one hour and 18 minutes in which to make the journey.


The Queensland Canning Company, manufacturer of Cannon brand products advertised in September 1903 that "the tops and bottoms of our tins are filled without the use of any solder, thus avoiding all risk of lead poisoning.

"We are the only firm of jam manufacturers in Queensland making and using these tins."


On September 10, 1903, tea advertising stated that true economy was achieved to buy the best quality at the lowest possible price. The advertising material read:

"To buy inferior tea is to do worse than to waste, because the use of inferior tea is to injure the health and make even the consumer look sallow and old.

"For the full purse and delicate palate, Golden Tips tea is packed in handsome, enamelled tins with the pansy flower in the label for pleasure, home and beauty. Available at grocery emporiums."


A novelty seen in the the streets of Ipswich on January 28, 1904, was in the shape of a motor car on the buck board principle. It was driven by M.M. Armour of Brisbane and was accompanied by Mr Tonks, an electrical engineer.

The journey from Brisbane to Ipswich was done in one hour and 40 minutes.

After visiting North Ipswich, Mr Armour journeyed back to Brisbane in a light and speedy car, with power supplied by naphtha.



A Scott's beauty product of this year read: "Girls be rosy and strong by enriching your blood and filling out your form with the aid of Scott's Emulsion.

You cannot go on being anaemic, languid, apathetic or down-hearted at the same time as you are taking Scotts which is bound to delight you with the feelings of vigour, buoyancy and pulsing life it always brings."


This was a recommendation from 1907: "I, Henry Smith, can recommend Jones Mafeking Liniment.

My wife had a bad breast and after using one bottle was completely cured and I also had a bad cold on my chest and half a bottle of Jones Mafeking Cough Mixture cured me.

Signed Henry Smith, Bundamba."


"A basketful of clean, sweet smelling linen is obtained with half the toil and in half the time, if the wash is done with Sunlight soap.

"Give up for once and for all the old handway of using common soap.

"Sunlight will shorten the day's work, but lengthen the life of your clothes."


Salt for toilet purposes as recorded in December 1908. "Salt as a tooth powder is better than almost anything.

"It keeps the teeth beautiful white and the gums hard and rosy.

"Salt used for this purpose should be very finely pulverised.

"If, after the extraction of a tooth, the mouth is filled with salt water, it will prevent haemorrhage.

"Feet that are tired and painful with long standing will feel much rested if bathed in salt water.

"And if after washing, salt is rubbed over hands it will close the pores and keep the skin soft."


On August 15, 1912, it was reported that John Budd of Tivoli had received first Order of Merit for an excellent collection of pigments for the manufacture of paint at the National Association Show, Brisbane.


The Live Model Corset was reported in August 1912 as being every effort made to produce the finest and best designed corset for every style of figure.

Every model was fitted over the figure of a beautifully-formed living model and the result was the most perfect corset yet produced.

Kabo corsets had the reputation of make a "happy figure" and were guaranteed absolutely against rust.

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