When it will rain in Ipswich

IPSWICH is bracing for another steaming hot day on Thursday when temperatures are expected to nudge 40 degrees.

Lawns are brown and many, including the region's farmers, are desperately waiting for rain.

One forecast predicts Ipswich will see some decent falls early next week with about 50mm expected over Tuesday and Wednesday.

But the Bureau of Meteorology says it's still too early to guarantee if, and when, those falls will happen.

Meteorologist Adam Blazak said the weather modelling had been inconsistent over the past few days and changing dramatically.

"There's a lot of warm air in the atmosphere above us," Mr Blazak said.

"And while that's there, there is very little chance of rainfall.

"The models have been jumping around a bit… the forecast should be more clear by the end of the week."


Mr Blazak said by Thursday or Friday the Bureau would have a clearer idea of next week's weather.

Thursday is going to be a scorcher in Ipswich with hot winds creating the perfect conditions for bush fires.

Authorities have issued numerous warnings and a local fire ban may be declared in the coming days, to limit the fire risk.

Yesterday reached 38 degrees in Ipswich, compared to 30 degrees in Brisbane where the sea breeze acts as a cooling agent.

Tomorrow will be more mild ahead of Thursday's heat.

Ipswich forecast

Today: Max 33 degrees

Wednesday: Max 28 degrees

Thursday: Max 40 degrees

Friday: Max 37 degrees

Saturday: Max 35 degrees

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