When fun becomes a career

OBSCURE: Future Jr is this week's Emerge featured artist.
OBSCURE: Future Jr is this week's Emerge featured artist.

EMERGEs Calen Le Couteur recently spoke with Future Jr about his start in music and his latest single Suburbia Blue

C: What first got you into music?

FJ: I just started writing music for fun mainly, just as a thing to do with friends and it was something I really enjoyed. Then I decided one day I might try to make a career out of it and start releasing some music and that's pretty much where it all started.

C: What kind of music did you listen to growing up?

FJ: I was a bit of a late bloomer when it came to music, I didn't really start listening to music till I was around sixteen or seventeen but the first band that I really listened to was Bon Iver. It just blew my mind and I was just like okay this is real music and ever since then I really fell in love with music.

C: What can you tell us about your latest single Suburbia Blue?

FJ: Suburbia Blue was written over in L.A when I did a bit of a songwriting trip up there. The song's about my experience coming back from L.A where I was surrounded by a lot of creative people who were really passionate about pursuing their dreams and then coming back to Brisbane.

C: How long have you been working on the song?

FJ: It was a bit of a slow process, like I said it started out in L.A, which was just over six month ago when I was just toying with it. The whole song really unfolded around three months ago when I had a clearer picture of the whole thing in my mind. It's been a bit of a slow burner but I'm really stoked with how it's turned out.

C: How do you think it varies from Tell Me That I'm Wrong?

FJ: Tell Me That I'm Wrong was a song that came out quickly when I was writing, it was written out of a story that was in a certain place in time where Suburbia Blue was summarizing a six month period in my life. It's different in that regard, both songs are very personal and

ones I'm very proud of.

C: Can we expect Tell Me That I'm Wrong to ever make a reappearance?

FJ: Yes definitely, it's gone away for a little bit but it definitely will be back.

C: Who are some of your influences?

FJ: At the moment Lorde is obviously a big one, a band in America called Toro Y Moi they are a big influence. Those are the two that are influencing me the most at the moment but in the past it's been bands like Phoenix, Two Door Cinema Club, bands like that I really like and obviously the guitar sounds have influenced and come through on my songs.

C: Do you have any hobbies outside of music?

FJ: I do a lot of photography and filmmaking, I actually used to be a freelance filmmaker before I really got into making music. For the Suburbia Blue music video I came up with the concept and worked with one of my best friends from high school to really bring the vision

to life. It's the story of the song but in a more metaphorical sense.

C: Who are some of your favourite Queensland artists?

FJ: I get to name-drop all my friends now, this is cool (laughs). Golden Vessel, he's a kid who's coming up on the scene at the moment, another electronic act who's really killing it. MTNS are killing it as well, but there's just so many.

C: Which recent releases have stood out to you and why?

FJ: An Australian band called Kllo have recently put out some really awesome stuff and I'm really vibing pretty much anything they've put out.

C: If you only had three words to describe Suburbia Blue, which three words would you use?

FJ: I would say a touch of existential from the songwriting process, a little bit mellow in terms of the production and lets say blue for the last one.

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