Patricia Petersen.
Patricia Petersen.

What's wrong with sex: Patricia

PATRICIA Petersen says sex is good and she can't understand why her critics are so keen to discredit her for being interested in it.

Despite contrary claims made at a recent public forum, the University of Queensland has confirmed that Ms Petersen was awarded a doctorate on October 11, 2002.

That doctorate delved into areas of sexuality and followed up Ms Petersen's book entitled Morality, Sexual Facts and Fantasies.

Ms Petersen, who is contesting the state seat of Ipswich as an independent, said her dissertation was multi-disciplinary, with sex just one of the areas of study.

Online bloggers have sought to use Ms Petersen's research to discredit her campaign.

"Sexuality is mentioned but it also touches on many aspects of contemporary life including history, art, politics and economics," Ms Petersen said.

"I've had a doctorate for a decade and since then I've demonstrated I am interested in a wide range of topics, so I find it curious that others are so obsessed and fixated with sexuality.

"There is nothing wrong with sex but they are using my past research issues as a way of discrediting me.

"But most people I see on the street say, 'Big deal. You wrote something about sexuality.' I view sexuality in the same context as I view most things in life.

"Marriages and relationships tend to stay together when we are open and honest about sexuality and I can honestly say that I have never been unfaithful to my partners when I have been in relationships.

"I put that down to taking these issues very seriously."

Ms Petersen said her book on sexual facts and fantasies was "only one area of my research."

"I wrote that book (on sex), but in the same year at the London School of Economics I gave a talk on Georg Simmel's philosophy of money that had nothing to do with sexuality. I also gave papers on animal rights."

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