WITH her bottle-blond hair, sky-blue eyes and gorgeous smile, Heather Locklear was one of the hottest stars of the 1980s and '90s.

A darling of high-powered TV producer Aaron Spelling, Locklear had it all: starring roles in the hit series of the day such as Dynasty and Melrose Place, plus back-to-back marriages to two of the world's biggest rockers.

But her fairy-tale streak has ended with a thud.

Heather Locklear
Heather Locklear

Locklear, 56, is due to appear in Ventura County Criminal Court on March 13 on charges she not only assaulted her new boyfriend on Sunday night - but also attacked the cops who responded to the 911 call.

Her mug shot. (Ventura County Sheriff's Office via AP)
Her mug shot. (Ventura County Sheriff's Office via AP)

The ugly bust is only the latest in a string of troubling incidents for the fallen star in recent years.

A family member told The NY Post that Locklear has been struggling with her inner demons - mainly anxiety and substance abuse - despite numerous stints in rehab.

Her issues have wreaked havoc on her body - as well as her relationships, the kin said. The actress has now divorced twice and gone through a slew of boyfriends since.

"She has so much talent and beauty, and we hate to see that wasted," the relative said. "But she's fighting a lot of demons. The only thing she can do is go back to rehab and try again."

It was Locklear's own brother who called the cops to her home over the weekend. Her sibling was horrified at the fight between her and her current beau, Chris Heisser, an old high-school flame who had recently moved into her mansion.

When officers saw a mark on Heisser's body, they decided to arrest Locklear on domestic-violence charges, cops said.

"She claimed to be injured, but we didn't see any sign of that," Ventura County Sheriff's Office Capt. Garo Kuredjian told The Post after Locklear's arrest. "We determined she had battered her boyfriend."

Locklear only made matters worse when cops tried to cuff her, flipping out, calling a female officer a "c**t" and kicking a male officer in the groin - all in front of her 20-year-old daughter, Ava, police said.

Heisser, for his part, was arrested for allegedly driving drunk on a nearby highway less than an hour later. He was cited and released.

A spokesman for the Ventura County District Attorney said authorities are still weighing the case against Locklear, who was released on $US20,000 bail.

"No decision will be made about what, if any, charges will be filed by March 13th, when she is due here in court," the spokesman said.

Locklear's relative admitted that her family is concerned about the rekindling of the couple's romance.

Heisser, 56, served two years in prison after being convicted on theft and fraud charges in California in 2011.

Before the felony conviction, Ventura County records show he also was repeatedly cited for traffic infractions between 2008 and 2015 for everything from speeding to driving with a suspended license and using his cellphone behind the wheel.

"They rekindled their relationship a little over a year ago," the family member said. "We're not sure how good they are together."

At the height of her career, Locklear could have had any man she wanted.

Sambora was reportedly blindsided by the divorce.
Sambora was reportedly blindsided by the divorce.

She married bad-boy Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee in 1986. At one point, the lovey-dovey duo wore matching mullets. But Lee's touring with his band took its toll on the marriage, and the two split about seven years later.

Locklear married handsome Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora the next year, in 1994. On October 4, 1997, they welcomed daughter Ava.

The couple on their wedding day.
The couple on their wedding day.

But in 2006, Locklear abruptly filed for divorce, shocking friends - and even her husband.

About an hour after her publicist announced that Locklear had filed for the split, a reporter asked Sambora, who had been touring, for comment.

"It's completely untrue,'' the stunned rocker said, only to eventually learn that his marriage was indeed really over.

Locklear went on to date a host of Hollywood actors, including David Spade, Mark Harmon and Scott Baio.

It was after her breakup with Sambora that her troubles began.

In the summer of 2008, a 911 call by someone claiming to be her doctor reported Locklear was trying to kill herself, according to reports.

After the call, Locklear checked into a medical centre to treat her anxiety and depression, reports said.

By that September, she was arrested for allegedly driving drunk near Santa Barbara.

Two years later, she was arrested again allegedly for hitting a no-parking sign on a public street. She was cited for a misdemeanour hit-and-run.

In 2011, Locklear got into a physical fight with her then-boyfriend, soap actor and singer Jack Wagner, and the cops were called to his place in Los Angeles. "She lost it on him, and he retaliated," a law enforcement source said at the time, adding that neither ended up pressing charges.

Locklear was hospitalised in January 2012 after her sister called 911 and reported she was mixing prescription drugs with booze, reports said. She was released the next day.

In January 2017, she struck down rumours that she was on the edge.

"I am feeling great and am taking steps to enrich and better my life," she told E!. "Currently I am working on tying up some loose ends regarding certain issues so I can hit 2017 full steam ahead."

But this past September, she crashed her Porsche into a ditch, suffering minor injuries. The authorities didn't file criminal charges, saying drugs and alcohol were not a factor.

In the months before Sunday's debacle, Locklear had been sharing cheerful photos on Instagram of her daughter and her dog.

She also posted several photos of her posing with Heisser, captioning on one: "So grateful to you."

Then came the weekend mess with her beau, which sources said wasn't totally unexpected, since Locklear hasn't been doing well for a while.

The family member told The Post that it's clear that Locklear needs help - and it couldn't come too soon. There is fear among some of those close to her that if she doesn't address her issues once and for all, the worst is yet to come.

Her whole family is pushing her to get help, the kin said.

"She is still so beautiful,'' the relative said. "There is still so much to live for."

This story originally appeared in the NY Post and is republished here with permission.

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