What it takes to win Ipswich Cup fashions on the field

THE autumn and winter racing carnival is quite unlike any other fashion event.

Fur stoles, half palm gloves, leather trim and pantihose are suddenly not a costume from the Victorian ages but racing uniform.

Dressing for autumn and winter racing is in a league of its own.

Pastels, spring like florals, straw millinery and strappy shoes are put away to make for what can and is described as the most demure of fashion criteria.

Autumn and winter racing fashion has by far the strictest standards and racing fashion enthusiasts are well-educated on what makes or breaks an outfit warn between March and August.

The rules:

Starting from the bottom, shoes should be closed toe and without an open back.
Stockings are preferred, especially for a classic look and hem lines should never fall above or on the knee.

Shoulders, backs and midriffs should be left to the imagination and sleeves are recommended to cover at least the shoulder, if not the arm.

Autumn winter racing headwear should be made or leather or felt.

While contemporary design aesthetics are making way for futuristic materials like metal, acrylic and other plastics, a classic racewear look is likely to be completed with felt or leather, at least this season.

Outfits can be finished off with leather half palm gloves, a modest clutch, simple accessories like earrings and refined with a waist belt.

Colour palettes are kept classic with maroon, navy, emerald green, black or grey and complimented with cream or white, then finished with a metallic like clean gold or rose gold.

Primary materials for autumn winter include wool, leather, heavy drill, brocade and the occasional splash of fur.

Happily for men, applying winter racing criteria to their suit wardrobe is as simple as finding a complimentary coloured jacket or time - and wearing socks.

While some race goers choose to dress how they like and subconsciously avoid the winter racing criteria, they are unlikely to place in the fashion stakes.

Ipswich Cup fashions on the field is the ultimate destination to put together an autumn winter race day look.

A splash of maroon, some specific accessories and luxe navy brocade where the winning touches on Michelle Cheetham's Ipswich Cup fashions on the field outfit at the 2017 Ipswich Cup.

Ms Cheetham, from Thagoona, (above left) said racing fashion was all about modest lengths, careful accessorising and a supportive fashions on the field community.

"I love the social aspect of fashions on the field and getting to come along with some of my friends and getting to make my own outfits and probably the shopping part of it too," she said.

"What differentiates racing fashion from other kinds is you have to be a bit more respectable within <QL>yourself.

"I like the fact that you've got to be a bit more cautious of what you do wear."

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