WATERCOOLER: Booze worse than ice? Let's be honest about it

NOT much can shock me these days after years of working in newspapers.

But one thing I definitely wasn't expecting was the response from our readers online to the Monday, August 6, front page regarding alcohol being a worse problem than ice.

There is no doubt about it, ice is a horrible drug that can make decent people do terrible things.

Areas on regional communities, like many throughout the rest of Australia, have their methamphetamine problems.

We see the flow-on effects in court, the robberies that are done to fuel their addiction, and the violence that can stem from it.

What makes alcohol so dangerous in our society as a whole is the prevalence of it and its acceptance.

The flow-on effects from alcohol can be just as devastating, and we do see those results in court as well, and on a larger scale.

I've lost count of the number of times I have sat in court and listened to people attributing their violent behaviour towards partners and strangers to the drink.

I'm not saying ban alcohol, because I would be the first to say that is ridiculous.

But we need to acknowledge how easy it is for vulnerable people to be sucked into alcoholism and personally address what our relationship with alcohol is.

Does Australia have a problem with ice? Definitely. But do regional communities have a bigger problem with alcohol than ice?

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Don't let me tell you. The emergency workers dealing with cases stemming from alcohol would be happy to explain.

If you're facing drug or alcohol problems, you can call the Alcohol and Drug Information Service on 1800177833.

What you're saying on Facebook:

Kaity Wilkinson-Gee: "Every community has an ice problem that is arguably far more destructive than alcoholism."

Michael Ferguson: "Booze is definitely worse than weed that's for sure."

Alison O'Mara: "Your comparing a legal substance against an illegal substance. Both extremely damaging but one has govt backing. And the real problem is?"

Cat Madsen: "No... booze is actually easier to stop using. ICE is not! We may have more alcoholics but ICE is worse."

Jeanne Christie Brady: "Alcohol is horrible soul life family destroying poison .. It's just as bad as ice because people from all walks of life are addicted and being destroyed by it . Not only a certain group of typical ice users .. You can't go to the corner store and buy ice and as much of it as you can carry and go back for more when you run out .. I've yet to read about a paedophile ice user... Alcohol is just as bad as ice in my books ..!!!!!!"

Jeanne Christie Brady: "And there is no way alcohol is easier to stop using than ice ...... It's just easier to see the damage ice causes .....and I'm not sticking up for ice no way it's just as evil ..!!"

Josh Watson: "I've been drinking for 15 years and i still haven't had the urge to steal , break into peoples houses , sell myself or lie to get my enjoyment out of a few drinks . . . . . . so no booze is far from as bad as ice."

Jamie Richter: "Why is ice now a big issue? It's been an epidemic for over a decade?"

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