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Suncorp Stadium - the heart of every NRL fan.
Suncorp Stadium - the heart of every NRL fan.

What kind of NRL fan are you?

THERE are four types of NRL fans in this world, and if you're honest with yourself, you're likely one of them.

They each have different characteristics and love the game in their own way, but there is one thing that strings all footy fans together… the Double Header.

Two games, back to back in one place.

Coming to Suncorp Stadium on May 12, 2018, Melbourne Storm versus Gold Coast Titans followed by the Manly Warringah Sea Eagles versus the Brisbane Broncos. That's two 80-minute clashes for the price of one ticket, and unless you're at the Double Header, you're not the fan you thought you were.

So, if you're trying to figure out if you're a real fan or not, here's a breakdown of the four NRL footy fan personas:

The Diehard

Dripping in war-paint every game day, these guys and girls wouldn't be caught dead in any other colours than that of their one true love. Their wives, husbands and children know not to approach them on game day because nerves are guaranteed to be at boiling point and if they dared to dis one of the players, The Diehard would take it as a personal attack.

The Quiet Loyalist

Probably 90% of the Newcastle Knights fans among us, The Quiet Loyalists are the ones who refuse to give up on their team, despite owning enough wooden spoons to build a small village. These fans are generally pretty reserved when it comes to game days, knowing their chances of winning match their low expectations. But ask this fan why they don't start barracking for another team and you'll soon see their claws come out.

The Glory Hopper

Always chasing that winning feeling, The Glory Hopper is the opposite of The Quiet Loyalist. As soon as another team starts winning, they've suddenly "been following these guys for years". And if they are overtaken by another team, well, "I have been a fan since I was three". These fans are most annoying to those who live and breathe their team's colours, but there is no doubt they're a fan of the game all year round. They'd just rather drink champagne with the winners, than warm beer in the bleachers.

One Hit Wonder

The One Hit Wonders are a bit like those people who attend a rodeo once in their life, to somehow develop a country twang and bowed legs as they enter the gates, and lose them again when the livestock leaves town. They're all about taking the form of a diehard fan for one night a year. It might be grand final night, State of Origin, or when a game comes on at the pub, but these folks like to strike and strike hard and when they do, you can guarantee it will wear off as quick as the hangover.

No matter what type of footy fan you are, get yourself to the NRL Double Header on May 12. There is plenty to sink your teeth into pre and post the game, too.

Caxton Street is the place to be pre and post-game.
Caxton Street is the place to be pre and post-game.

Just around the corner from Suncorp Stadium is Caxton St - every footy fans 'local' on game day. Grab a beer at Brewski with its collection of craft beers and old favourites, and for a pre-game feast, Iceworks has an extensive menu.

Of course, as every footy-goer will tell you, The Caxton Hotel is the place to go after the game or venture into South Bank or the city for a range of hip bars.

More information on the NRL Double Header, and a calendar of events coming up in Brisbane this year, head HERE.

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