What do dinosaurs and echidnas have in common?

WHAT do dinosaurs and echidnas have in common?

And no, this isn't a riddle, it's science.

Researchers reporting in the journal Science have more evidence backing up our earlier report that dinosaurs were neither warm-blooded or cold-blooded but something in-between.

Using new methods for analysing data, the scientists found dinosaur metabolic rates were intermediate to those of endotherms (organisms that maintain their own favourable body temperature, a.k.a. warm-blooded like you, your cat and the kookaburra outside) and ectotherms (which used their environment to maintain their temperature, like lizards and frogs).

According to the scientists' findings, the closest match is to existing mesotherms, such as great white sharks and echidnas.

"Our results suggest that the modern dichotomy of endothermic versus ectothermic is overly simplistic," the researchers say.

"So dinosaurs did not fully regulate their internal temperature but they were also not entirely at the whim of the environment; neither slow goliaths nor supercharged reptiles."

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