VIDEO: Firies called in to rescue duckling

FIVE little ducks went out one day, one fell down the drain and got swept far away.

Inquisitive duckling Coffee had a dramatic start to the day this morning, prompting a small scale search and rescue mission after he got stuck in a drain.

Four firies joined the search for the two-week old Call duck after he fell close to two metres down a drain in his Redbank Plains back yard and ended up hundreds of metres down the street.

His frantic owner Madeline Muir knew something was wrong when she could her his buddy, Biscuit, quacking.

"My female Biscuit, she was screaming her head off and I came outside and I couldn't see him anywhere, and then I heard him chirping down the drain," she said.

"I could hear a small echo and my sister called the fire brigade. I was so thankful that they got him back."

Madeline Muir of Redbank Plains with her duck coffee who was rescued by fire fighters after it fell into a drain pipe.
Madeline Muir of Redbank Plains with her duck coffee who was rescued by fire fighters after it fell into a drain pipe. David Nielsen

She said one of the fire fighters had to get in the storm water drain on the street and coax Coffee out with a handful of food.

"He was out of there within half and hour, he was so scared, he's so small," she said.

"The fire brigade were calling form this end of the pipe and they could hear him echoing. They could hear him three metres inward and I had taken some food down and he came out.

"Thank god for that, I was so happy they got him back. I was panicking but trying to stay calm and the same time and trying not to cry."

Ms Muir is quite attached to little Coffee, one of her five pet ducks waddling around her suburban back yard.

"He is a pet duck but I hope to breed them one day when they're bigger," she said.

"We've kept ducks since I was in Year 1, so it's been a very long time."

Biscuit, Flash, Pepper and Pixie were all to happy to have Coffee home, celebrating with a waddle in the rain.

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