Fans to pick name of NRL side

THE name and jersey colours of the proposed western corridor NRL team will be decided by popular vote.

Early next year, the Ipswich Jets’ NRL bid team will organise a poll to discover what the Ipswich community wants its NRL team to be named.

The early favourite is the Western Jets.

NRL bid consultant Brian Canavan said it was important the club would be community-based and actively involved with its fans.

“We will not be privately owned,” Mr Canavan said.

“We will be very different to the likes of the Brisbane Broncos, and because of that we want the fans to be a part of our bid and our team from the start.

“The public will choose the colours and the name and have ownership of the team that will represent them.

“The people of Ipswich should be optimistic about getting their own NRL team.”

Mr Canavan will be in Ipswich this week for meetings with Jets chairman Steve Johnson and local politicians as he begins his feasibility study that he will present to NRL CEO David Gallop.

“The study will take about six weeks, as there has already been a lot of great work done on it by Steve (Johnson),” he said.

“There is also a business plan to write up which will be finished shortly after, and both of these documents will prove our case.”

The business plan will outline how the club will be funded in regards to sponsorship and staffing needs.

It is believed that in July next year, Gallop will officially announce whether the NRL will be granting licences to one or two new clubs for the 2013 season and what bids they will consider.

Perth is at present the favourite, over the Jets and Central Queensland.

Central Coast, which was once the clear favourite, is now just an outside chance after Sydney NRL club chief executives made it clear they would prefer a non-New South Wales region be chosen for expansion.

The Queensland Times revealed last week that the rapidly growing suburb of Springfield will be the home for the western corridor NRL team, with a multi-million dollar centre of excellence facility proposed.

Mr Canavan said he was finalising details of a high-performance centre that would become the club’s home if they were granted an NRL licence.

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