West End confident of success

WEST END Rugby League Club enters the New Year optimistic, rather than confident it can mix it with the big boys in A grade this year.

Last year was the first in a long time the club has not had a team reach the Ipswich Rugby League finals in any senior grade (A grade, Reserves and Under 18s).

New president Glen Jackwitz knows new players are needed at the club but with loyalty a thing of the past the Basin Pocket club is not in the same league financially as some of its rivals.

Jackwitz took over the role from Chris Scott, who will concentrate on helping head coach Todd Brown on the training paddock.

“Hopefully we can get some teams into the finals this year,” Jackwitz said.

“It is a matter of chasing players.

“We believe we’ve got the right coaches in place.

“There’s a couple of players we spoke to last season (we’re chasing) and we’re waiting to see what the Jets are doing and who they cut there.

“But no-one wants to sign before Christmas because they don’t want to train.”

Jackwitz has been involved with the club, as a coach, manager, water runner and committee member, since 1988 and has seen the players’ motivation for who they play for change dramatically.

“Loyalty isn’t there anymore,” he said.

“Players are just chasing the dollar.

“They’ll ask what you’re offering then say someone else is offering that.”

Yet it will be loyalty and club culture that Jackwitz is building his hopes on.

“Hopefully our under 18s coming through can do the job,” he said

“I think we’ll have a pretty good under 18s this year as it is their second year of under 18s.

“We have to try to hang onto them coming though.”

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