MUST-SEE: Niagara Falls produces a rainbow for the parade of tourists.
MUST-SEE: Niagara Falls produces a rainbow for the parade of tourists. Kristy Muir

Well O' Canada, I think I’ve fallen for Niagara, eh?

I CAN now tick Niagara Falls off my bucket list.

The natural wonder of the world which is shared by Canada and the USA is nothing short of perfection.

But while anything as incredible as this place is always capitalised on, fortunately this does not detract from its beauty.

I walked behind the falls on a tour and the water from this globally recognised place kissed its lips upon my skin.

The mist from the falls also caused my camera to die a painful death, but if you are to die from something, let it be as beautiful as Niagara Falls.

My friend from Canada, Amanda, who I visited in Ontario, drove me all the way to the border to fulfil my wish and we had a ball.

It had been eight years since I had seen her, after we met in high school on the Gold Coast, and nothing had changed between us.

We also caught up with our German friend, Nina and the trio was reunited in Burlington, Ontario, before heading to Toronto for Canada Day.

The city was bursting with eccentric and proud people from all over the world, whether you were there for Gay Pride parade or to celebrate Canada Day.

I was there for the latter, but was very willing to get in on the celebrations for Gay Pride.

I cosied up with a couple of drag queens, as well as joining the parade through the streets of the city.

My amazing Swedish friend Peter, who I met in New York, had told me I had to visit Kensington Market in Toronto.

We share a love of street art and he had mentioned how incredible it was in the area I was visiting.

My friends and I stumbled across Graffiti Alley before finding Kensington Market, and was equally impressed with his recommendation and our accidental discovery.

The three of us went up the CN Tower and hit a few bars, including one that had a terrace which looked out over the city and had a massive water fountain.

The rest of my time in Toronto was spent drinking beer and eating delicious food.

It was incredible to catch up with my two old friends and it was such an adventure getting to know Toronto.

The craziest thing that happened there occurred when I was waiting in line to go up to the roof top bar.

I met a guy from Australia, named Matt and he was from Port Macquarie.

I remembered my sister's boyfriend (who is also from Port) saying "everyone knows everyone in Port".

So I told the boy from Port that my sister's boyfriend used to live there and he said "what's his name?" and I said Kharn and he quickly fired back his surname.

What a small world.

Turns out they had gone to school together.

Australia may seem like a long way away but this proves just how close it really is.


  • Relax at the Harbourfront
  • Watch a Toronto Blue Jays game
  • Visit the Toronto Zoo
  • Take a ferry to the Toronto Islands
  • Go up into the CN Tower
  • Don't miss Canada Day
  • Be inspired by Kensington Market

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