YOUR SAY: We need an Aussie owned and controlled industry

YOUR SAY: IT'S time to demonstrate our true Australianism.

Private ownership of previously people-owned infrastructure has proven to be an expensive experiment for us true-blooded Australians.

Big business, multi-national conglomerates have strangled our Australian "step out and have a go".

We Australians have contributed largely to the world's modern advancement through inventiveness.

However, we have not been smart enough to keep these advancements to ourselves.

We have good-naturedly given these inventions away.

We must act smarter.

We must create a totally owned, totally Australian people-controlled bank of Australian investors to finance development within our shores.

We no longer have control over what once was our own Commonwealth Bank.

That bank is now "commonwealth" in name only.

We must get back to basics.

Be concerned for the demise of the control within our shores. Let us create a true "Bank of Australia."

We need to take back control within our shores.

Too much concessional allowance toward multi-nationals has virtually enslaved us Australians, financially.

Enough is enough.

Let us demonstrate pride in Australia as true Australians.

Our Australia Constitution spells out, we, the Australian People, are the true governors and government of Australia.

Let's get behind creating our own truly owned bank.

Create the Bank of Australia to support and create Australian-owned and controlled industry.

BOB FOWKE, Regency Downs


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