TINDER: We found Ipswich's worst profiles

FINDING love on dating apps like Tinder seems to be just as common as meeting that special someone in a bar or nightclub these days.

But for anyone who has had the experience of doing it, they will know traversing the world of Tinder can be like strolling through a minefield.


Being single and looking for a relationship can be tricky at the best of times.

There are plenty of couples around now who are happily wed and it all started with a right swipe.

But it might take kissing, or swiping past, a few frogs before finding your prince or princess.

Everyone has their way of standing out, whether it be with a joke, a pick up line or by getting straight to point.

Some profiles we found in Ipswich stand out a lot more than others.

Here are some of the worst Tinder profiles we found while swiping in Ipswich.


Usually a bloke will offer to buy the first drink but Adam is warning you if you're a bit deceptive with your profile photos, it's going to be your shout.

Not too sure how well that would go over with a potential date but it would certainly break the ice.

Stephen certainly has some interesting hobbies and there's enough there to interest everyone from street fighting to cooking meth and interracial midget murder porn.

He has very specific criteria for a partner as well - don't bother swiping right unless you're a sugar mumma with a penchant for toxic relationships.

Perfect Gentleman by Wyclef Jean seems to be the perfect fit for an anthem.


For a young man, 18-year-old Ayush has plenty of confidence. Not only does he promise to win you over but your mother as well. Not too many go on Tinder to find a new stepfather but there you go.


We're not quite sure whether Dan is asking a question or it's a prerequisite.



It seems a bit unfair for a guy boasting in that way should be allowed to wear crocs and Pit Viper sunnies to gain an even further advantage.

We're also not sure whether Jake has heard of a whale before.




Well, yes. OK. You do you Matt.



Looking to smoke weed under the moonlight with an exotic dancer?

Look no further. Yoko is promising a good time.

Just don't let her get between you and your mates.




This lass doesn't seem to be finding what she wants on Tinder.

It might have something to do with the less than convincing promise that her husband won't be watching if you do go home with her.

You'll also need to get his seal of approval as well. What a good deal.


We're not sure how many people have taken up Sam's offer or how often he gets to jet around Europe to party in the VIP zone of any nightclub in Europe, but surely it can't be too good to be true. That's a long way to go for a first date.




Nick is offering two very different options. We're not sure which is more appealing to be honest.



Ladies, get ready to meet Toa … and Maximus. It's a pick up line as old as time and just as funny as the first day it was told. At least he's a good cuddler.

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