'We could be homeless for Christmas'

HOMELESS: Zoe Wisse and her twins Carma and Willow are at risk of being homeless this Christmas.
HOMELESS: Zoe Wisse and her twins Carma and Willow are at risk of being homeless this Christmas. Renee Albrecht

WHAT should be the most joyous time for a family of four-month-old twin girls could become a nightmare.

Zoe Wisse and her partner Vaughan Peake are on the verge of being homeless for Christmas if no one gives them a chance.

The couple are currently seeking a rental anywhere from Gympie to Caloundra, but are having trouble because of what they describe as an earlier "misconception".

"I found out I was pregnant last Christmas and at six weeks I found out I was having twins and then not long after that I became horrifically ill," Ms Wisse said.

"We needed to break the lease at the house we were renting at Peregrian Beach because I couldn't get up the stairs. We had to close the windows all the time because the neighbours were smoking and I ended up having to live with my parents."

Ms Wisse said they had medical grounds to break the lease and were given letters to support that by a GP and social worker.

However the real estate agent and property owners refused to budge and demanded the lease term be paid out in full.

"We wanted to dispute it but then in the last few months of my pregnancy my health became a huge concern," Ms Wisse said.

"I gave birth to my girls at 34 weeks because one of the twins wasn't developing properly.

"We had to put it all aside to focus on the twins and the fact the we may lose our babies."

During that time, the couple were put on the TICA - the tenancy database which is sometimes referred to as a blacklist.

Once the twins were able to be taken home, Ms Wisse said they paid their outstanding debt and sorted out the mess.

"We are no longer on the list but the record of us being on it is still there," she said.

"There is a stigma around us from having been on it and some real estate agents won't look at us twice.

"We just want someone to give us a go. We have always paid our rent on time and are really good tenants.

"I'm so OCD with cleaning it's not funny."

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