ACTION MAN: Division 5 candidate Wayne Wendt has big plans for the city and the local community.
ACTION MAN: Division 5 candidate Wayne Wendt has big plans for the city and the local community. Contributed

Wayne has the vision to make Div 5 and city great

WAYNE Wendt has unveiled his big picture vision for the city and his plans to improve Division 5.

Mr Wendt, a qualified accountant who has turned the Ipswich Jets into a powerhouse both on and off the field in his role as CEO, will have a major focus on creating employment and bringing leading businesses to Ipswich. He said he backed Ipswich Mayor Paul Pisasale's focus in that regard.

"We can continue to do what we are which is to develop and invest, but we can also be more proactive and target the businesses we think should come here," Mr Wendt said.

"It is such a great spot here, close to the Cunningham and Warrego highways and close to the Gold Coast, Brisbane and the ports.

"They are still talking about the southern freight rail corridor through Ipswich.

"We are ideally set up for warehousing, storage and logistics. There are more opportunities for manufacturing as well.

"I am focussed on making things happen rather than sitting back and letting them happen.

"Paul has done a very good job with that, and I understand that the mayor has been talking to big companies in recent times, and that is what we need to do."

While always keeping the big picture in mind, Mr Wendt said he had been out on the hustings and said there was plenty that needed to be done in the division

"Division 5 needs some TLC and there are residents you talk to who feel they have missed out," he said.

"We have the water park in Blackall St and we probably need to do more of that, and open up the riverbanks for recreational opportunities.

"The Brassall Bikeway stops at the Riverlink Shopping Centre but there is no reason that can't continue around North Ipswich and further.

"People are crying out for more dog parks.

"Ipswich loves their dogs and the ones we have are a huge success according to the people I have spoken to, and there probably need to be more of them in places people feel free and safe to access them.

"There are a couple of good spots I am looking at which will open up the riverbanks at the same time."

Mr Wendt has a track record of boosting grass roots sporting organisations, as evidenced by his work as the former Ipswich MP.

But he wants to do more.

"I have already to talked to Norths and the Karalee Tornadoes rugby league clubs about how we can improve sporting facilities in the region," he said.

"I was instrumental in getting the $1.5 million from the state government to start up the Tivoli sports fields project.

"That has been a gold bonus for us.

"What I will be looking at in the future is expand that, because there are plenty of development opportunities. It already has four rugby league, two already lit and two being lit in the council's current financial year.

"There is space for another three rectangular fields at the back.

"We have got 13 junior rugby league clubs in Ipswich with over 3500 kids playing.

"It is the biggest sport by far so we need to be developing that and giving kids access to sport and great fields."

Mr Wendt has other plans for Division 5 which he will outline in a future story, but it is his vision for an employed Ipswich in a thriving economy that he says is a must.

"My vision is that Ipswich needs to be the hub of employment in south-east Queensland," Mr Wendt said.

"We have got some great workers here and a large youth population.

"We are ideally situated with our transport corridors - close to both (the Gold and Sunshine) coasts and Brisbane.

"So we should be making hay while the sun shines and attracting the businesses we spoke about.

"I am really focussed on our young people and making sure our families are looked after."

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