Dam releases, water restrictions: Seqwater latest

WATER is expected to be released from Somerset Dam into Wivenhoe Dam today and tomorrow, bringing to an end potential water restrictions this year.

Seqwater are planning low flow releases from Somerset Dam into Wivenhoe Dam within the next 24 hours but the releases are not expected to cause the lake level in Wivenhoe Dam to increase by more than half a metre over the next 24 hour period.

It means there will be no mandatory region-wide water restrictions implemented this summer. The earliest Seqwater expect mandatory water restrictions to be considered (which is when the combined level of our water grid dams reach 50%) is late 2018, if the dams receive very little to no inflows during next year.

Close to 130mm of rain fell in the Wivehoe Dam catchment over the past few days and the updated forecast from Bureau of Meteorology for the next three days across Seqwater's dam catchments is for catchment average rainfalls of up 15mm.

Somerset Dam was 80.6% full at 9.15 today while Wivenhoe Dam was 65.8% full.

Routine operational releases are common to balance the lake levels across Somerset and Wivenhoe dams. Flood operations are not expected at Wivenhoe Dam or Somerset Dam at this time.
Seqwater is monitoring conditions that may affect South East Queensland catchments.

Gated releases from Wivenhoe Dam or North Pine Dam are not planned or happening.

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