WATCH: Shocking moment a dolphin tackles a young surfer

A 13-year-old surfer has a close-quarters run-in with a dolphin.

Footage has emerged on WA Today of the collision, where a dolphin has leapt from a wave and onto Jed Gradisen, WA's under-14 surfing champion, 

Jed's father Andrew caught the moment on video.

The video shows Jed beside a wave, only to see the dolphin leap out  and arc directly towards him.

"I saw them coming. I was like 'Oh my god, they're coming straight for me.' So I like tried to get out of the way and he just jumped straight into me," he told WA Today.

"The dolphin landed on my, sort of, shoulder and the back half of my body. The dolphin reacted, really I think, really shocked, almost as shocked as I was.

"Its nose went straight through my board, it must have hurt a bit. It was rustling around and really didn't know what to do."

Fortuantely, nobody was hurt in the accident, though the dolphin was unavailable for comment.

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