Shanny Brown posted this video to Higgins Storm Chasing's Facebook page from Wilsonton, Toowoomba.
Shanny Brown posted this video to Higgins Storm Chasing's Facebook page from Wilsonton, Toowoomba.

WATCH: Residents film cars driving in flooded water

TOOWOOMBA is experiencing a cracker of a thunderstorm right now, providing much relief to many. 

Disappointingly, although the well-known message "if it's flooded, forget it" urges drivers to stay out of flooded waters, Toowoomba drivers are pushing on, putting their lives at risk.

Shanny Brown posted a video to Higgins Storm Chasing's Facebook page around 7pm of two cars driving through flooded water in Wilsonton. 

In the video a sedan struggles to follow a utility vehicle on the dangerously wet road. 

Higgins Storm Chasing condemned the actions of the drivers.


They wrote on Facebook: "Note the second car where water goes right over the bonnet."

"The car's not a boat, people (so) have some brains. If the water got into the engine, that's (it), it stops and you're stuck in the middle.

"Then (they'd) call triple 000 so swift water rescuers have to risk their lives to save yours."

The video features coarse language but can be viewed here. It has already received more than 800 shares. 

The Bureau of Meteorology warned at 5:50pm that severe thunderstorms were detected on the weather radar near Boonah and Toowoomba.  

These thunderstorms were slow moving and hit Allora, Aratula and Clifton by 6:15 pm.

At 6.50pm, Higgins Storm Chasing updated its warning saying a line of severe storms was producing heavy rain and flash flooding between the Gold Coast Hinterland and Brisbane Valley and back inland towards the Northern Darling Downs.

Resident Steph James also filmed the flash flooding at the Bridge and Torr Sts intersection.

Higgins Storm Chasing said more than 40mm has been recorded in Toowoomba so far and up to 70mm just outside of the city. 

The rain is expected to carry well into the night, with light winds becoming easterly 20 to 25 km/h in the late evening.

Tomorrow's forecast is a very high chance of thunderstorms in the morning, providing more temporary relief as scorching temperatures return by Friday. 

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