RESIDENTS in one Ipswich suburb are being woken late at night to the sound of tyres screeching and the smell of burning rubber.

Brassall resident Dan Keogh captured the loud burnouts on his CCTV system.

One of the videos shows a car approaching a roundabout when the driver of another vehicle is mid-burnout.

Another video, from just before 9pm Wednesday night, captures the sound of the burnout.

Mr Keogh said at his home, near Bourke St, the burnouts were regular.

"I couldn't count the number of times I have been woken up by the sound of skidding tyres," Mr Keogh said.

"It usually happens twice a night, at different intensities from screeching to full blown fish-tailing.

"It's a worry because the driver/s could lose control and hit another car."

Mr Keogh believes an increased police presence would help.

Queensland Police said there had been seven formally lodged complaints related to hooning in the Brassall area, since the beginning of the year.

The QPS crime map shows there have been about 40 traffic offences in the suburb, which may include speeding tickets.

Ipswich Senior Sergeant Troy Hamilton said dangerous driving was not tolerated by police and urged people to report incidents, including information that would lead to convictions such as photographs, video and licence plates.

"It's an antisocial driving behaviour," Det Snr Sgt Hamilton said.

"(Hooning) creates an alarming and dangerous situation for other road users.

"If members of the public witness it - without putting themselves at risk - it's useful if they can get video or an image, then contact local police and provide those details so it can be investigated.

"It is important to provide enough info to police so prosecution action can be started against offender."

An Ipswich City Council spokesperson said while hooning was a police matter, it had undertaken a speed survey in the area, in response to a complaint from a resident.

The survey was conducted in March 2016 and found speeds were typical of city-wide trends for driver behaviour.

"A small number exceed the speed limit with the majority of people doing the right thing," the spokesperson said.

  • You can reporting dangerous driving at 13 HOON or contact your local police station.

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