Warning: Check guidelines to reduce risks during heat wave

SOUTH East Queensland is forecast for a week of well over 30 degree temperatures.

With that in mind the creation and implementation of heat policies/guidelines is an important topic.

Participating in sport in extreme heat puts individuals at risk of heat illness, which if not treated can lead to the potentially life threatening condition of heat stroke.

Some of the symptoms of heat illness are:

Light headedness, dizziness;


Cessation of sweating;

Clumsiness or unsteadiness;


Aggressive/irrational behaviour;


Ashen grey pale skin.

Some simple steps that can be taken to limit the risk of heat illness are:

Schedule games outside of the hottest part of the day (usually 11am-3pm);

Allow extra breaks so players and officials remain well hydrated;

Ensure uniforms are appropriate for playing in hot weather.

Sports Medicine Australia has produced a set of guide- lines to assist sporting clubs and associations as well as individuals to remain safe when participating in sport in hot weather (www.sma.org.au)

Guidelines will be different depending on the intensity of your sport, time of day played and the local environment so please check the website to determine your club's individual needs.

Mid-week tennis

THE Mid-Week Ladies Tennis group is holding their grading tournament on February 15 and 22.

The group is an all-female group with an inviting and friendly atmosphere.

Parents or carers with young children are more than welcome as there is always someone to help watch the kids.

The tournament hits off at 9am at the George Alder Tennis Centre in Leichhardt and they would love to see some new faces.

For more information, phone Marilyn Brown on 0432 880 660, or Sharon Conway on 0437 280 478.

Funding offer open

ROUND 96 of the Gambling Community Benefit Fund (GCBF) is open and will close at midnight on February 28.

This GCBF is an amalgamation of several grants including the Jupiter's Casino Community Benefit Fund. Applicants can apply for funding from $500 through to $35,000.

Clubs are reminded that if they wish to put an application in for a project that involves the construction or alteration of a building/structure on Council land then they need to discuss this in the first instance with their sport and recreation officer who can help them obtain the appropriate approvals.

More information at www.justice. qld.gov.au

QT's name and shame: This week's drink and drug drivers

QT's name and shame: This week's drink and drug drivers

EVERY Monday the QT publishes the names of drink and drug drivers

Fred's Ford Falcon stolen in opportunistic crime

Fred's Ford Falcon stolen in opportunistic crime

FRED didn't forsee his Ford Falcon being nicked

Crime spree on Ipswich Mwy 'ends with a thud'

Crime spree on Ipswich Mwy 'ends with a thud'

Erratic driving ended when driver crashed into side barrier

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