Warm weather species offering new river fun

ACTION at the mouth of the Brisbane River has begun to heat up again with the recent warmer weather.

Although snapper and tailor have slowed down lately, threadfin salmon, bream and flathead are making up for it.

Threadfin are beginning to school up in the usual locations near drop-offs adjacent to shallow flats.

Prawns are a favoured food source for these fish so if you find prawns you will have a good chance to find the salmon.

Vibes and soft plastics lures are a great choice when targeting deeper fish.

The Jackall Transam and Keitech Fat Impacts are standout performers.

If baits are more your thing, good reports are coming from using larger prawns but lightly weighted to allow movement in the bait.

Sharks are also beginning to turn up in the river as it warms up.

These sharks are relatively easy to catch.

A simple shark rig is all that's needed.

Most people run a wire trace to a 7/0 or 8/0 circle hook and a bait of pilchard, mullet fillet or live bait.

Sinkers are optional and not necessarily needed as a bait without a sinker will move more in the water and attract the sharks to your bait.

Make sure you allow the shark to run with your bait to make sure it swallows it.

If you are using circle hooks you can apply pressure and it should set the hook for you.

Always be careful when handling sharks as they are dangerous and can inflict a serious bite.

It may be better to cut the trace and release them with the hook in their mouth than risk getting bitten trying to remove it.

For the boaties, if you want to go for a spin this weekend consider heading for Peel Island.

Squire and sweetlip are being reported off the reef drop-offs and the deeper reefs on the western side.

Anglers using bait are reporting good results trying cubes of pilchards with a strong berley trail.

Soft plastics, like the Keitech Sexy Impacts or Isome Worms. are proving they can hold their own against bait and often fool the larger fish.

- Matt Osley (Charlton's Fishing at Redbank)

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