Ipswich Jet Rogan Dean.
Ipswich Jet Rogan Dean. Cordell Richardson

Walking the footy tightrope: Jets time to reflect


THE Jets weekend off might be interrupted by the thought of what if and pondering the Intrust Super Cup loss to the Devils last week.

It was a game that can be filed under "the one that got away'' section.

The Jets will be cheering for the Bears to beat the Dolphins on Sunday as it becomes a case of needing other results to start to fall our way.

Against the Devils, the Jets were in front at half-time and on target to hold a team to zero at the 40 minute mark for the third week in a row. However, the late try to Norths' Paul Ulberg gave the Devils some momentum after the kick bounced all over the place.

Although the Jets had 53% of the ball and 18 more runs at Norths, the Devils broke tackles when it mattered. The Jets also missed 38 tackles and the Devils took their chances to score three unanswered tries.

"A rest this week and then four games to go, have to win four and hope that's enough,'' Jets co-coach Ben Walker said.

The Jets tackle Tweed on Sunday week at home.

Jets backline hulk Rogan Dean had another great game for the Jets against his former club.

"I thought we started really well but it seemed as though in the second half we went away from what was working for us in the beginning," Dean said.

"We defended well for most of the game with two of their three tries coming off kicks.

"That loss keeps us just outside of the eight so the pressure is still on for us to try and win as many of our remaining games as we can."

Wonderful welcome 'Mrs Landy'

WALKING up to the gate at a Jets' game is like driving up your mum's driveway. It feels like home.

There to greet me is a smiling familiar and comforting face of Mrs Landy.

Once I would spend my mowing money at the gate and hope there was a bit left over to get chips and lollies. Now I ask Mrs Landy if she needs to see my QRL card.

"No Michael I know who you are," she replies.

With that same smile Mrs Landy waves me through.

I have called Dot "Mrs Landy'' for a long time.

When I would go to Jets games I knew who she was, she was the coach Jim Landy's wife.

Sunday when I walk to the gate I might have my boys with me and they say hello Mrs Landy and we walk through to watch another Jets game, sometimes we get through the gate before they ask for chips and lollies.

"I have worked on the gate for 30 years," Mrs Landy recollected.

"I thoroughly enjoy my involvement. I get to support such a community-based and family-orientated club.

"It gives me the opportunity to welcome sponsors, supporters and players on game day and still be able to keep an eye on the field.

"During my time I have met some great people along with some characters as well, I couldn't think of anywhere else I'd rather be on game day."


Popular Jets couple Jim and Dot Landy
Popular Jets couple Jim and Dot Landy Contributed

Mrs Landy was asked if she had a favourite player.

"It would be very hard to choose a favourite player. There has been so many players that have excelled at higher levels,'' she said.

"Each and every one of them always remember their time at the Jets and it's always a pleasure to catch up with them."

Mrs Landy produced a classic memory that people might not remember from all that time.

"A highlight from the early years was winning the Inaugural Sevens Competition at Lang Park in 1991 and as secretary and treasurer of the club, collecting the $10,000 prize money,'' she said.

Sam's creative talents

SAM Caslick might be the most creative Jet ever. His art is videos.

I spoke to Caslick about the role and producing videos for events and people.

"I love telling people's stories, so it doesn't have to be sport I also love music," Caslick said.

"I am about to tour with a band over to New Zealand and produce a video for them.

"I do weddings and baby showers, I do that for Kvasir Films in Brisbane.

Caslick recently travelled with the Jets to Thursday Island and completed a vlog for the Queensland Rugby League.

"I asked the QRL if I could do anything while I was injured and they were going to get me to do something around the Women's Origin game but I was away," he said.

"I told them I was going to Thursday Island and they found room in the budget for me to film the Jets' trip.

"It was a really enjoyable trip and the video has been well received which is a positive.

"I don't really have a niche at the moment but I love telling stories."

Cooper's stat

THE Jets are losing the second half this season 160 to 261 points but winning the first half 208 to 196.

A cold beer with . . .

The 90's had two certainties - grunge music and the name Glenn Lazarus appearing in the Grand Final program. The big prop had success wherever he went. I grew a flat top, put on my ankle high boots and took one into the teeth of the ruck and had a beer with the 'Brick with Eyes."

Storm v Broncos is like the fourth Origin this week, why is it such a rivalry? They were just good teams. The Broncos or Storm won the first two years in 1998 and 1999. Whenever you have two successful teams they will have rivalry and playing in grand finals always helps it along too. Broncos v Raiders was always the grand final. Everyone wanted and it never happened but that was a great rivalry too. You're mates from representative games and it's like playing against your school mates you want to win.

The epic 1989 grand final, you just had your 30 year reunion. Tell me something about that game that hasn't been said before. I have two vivid memories. At the end of the 80 minutes and heading in to extra time I remember looking at Balmain and they were dead on their feet just exhausted and shattered that it had got to extra time and the Raiders guys were ready for extra time. I was filthy at Laurie Daley for throwing that ball to Chicka Ferguson. I was unmarked on the inside.


Glenn Lazarus.
Glenn Lazarus. MICK TSIKAS/AAP

Is it true that at the 30 year dinner Steve Roach, Paul Sironen and Tim Brasher helped you celebrate? Yeah it was just unbelievable that those three Tigers would do that for the Raiders. They are still disappointed but to give up their time for our reunion just shows the friends you can make in league. Tim Brasher said he remembers looking at the trophy and thinking he would win one but of course he never even played in a final again.

Why have so many coaches come out of that Raiders side? I think two things. Tim Sheens and his ideas and Sheens was only young and we had young players so the ideas resonated with the players. All those guys like Mal and Ricky are winners they find success. So I am not surprised they found coaching and are good at it.

Was Craig Bellamy always going to be a coach? Looking back now I think yes, he was such a good team mate. He cared about the Raiders and it was important to him. That's a pretty important skill to take in to coaching. His other great skill was he worked hard. He had guys in front of him at the Raiders but he played a lot of first grade because he worked hard.

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