Danielle Kaitlen Aitcheson
Danielle Kaitlen Aitcheson Annie Perets

'Vomiting' mum jailed for bourbon-fuelled bashing

A YOUNG pregnant woman has been jailed after leaving another woman badly injured in a bourbon-fuelled nightclub bashing.

Danielle Kaitlen Aitcheson, 21, was sentenced on Friday for grievous bodily harm after a woman in Torquay suffered fractures to her cheeks, nose and jaw.

Judge David Reid said Aitcheson in March 2017 drank copious amounts of "Jack Daniel's to the extent that she was vomiting”.

"She behaved appallingly,” Judge Reid said.

Brisbane District Court heard Aitcheson had an altercation with another woman at the Hervey Bay club.

Judge Reid said the court was previously told the "victim said 'piss off' or something along those lines”.

"There was obviously a bit of argument,” defence barrister Phil Hardcastle said.

The court heard some debate about whether the defence might argue the attack was provoked.

But Aitcheson indicated she wanted the matter dealt with on Friday.

Sentencing went ahead on the basis it was an unprovoked attack.

Mr Hardcastle said the attack was not as vicious as some others the courts had encountered.

"It's not one where she was jumping up and down on (the victim) or anything.”

Aitcheson was picked up for a warrant on the GBH charge on March 22 and had been in custody since.

Mr Hardcastle said the defence tried having the matter dealt with at the same time as Aitcheson faced a drug charge in February.

Aitcheson was caught trying to smuggle drugs, including ice, into Maryborough jail last year.

For that, she got six months jail but was released on parole on February 15.

Judge Reid was told Aitcheson was pregnant with a baby due in November.

"I don't think she is deserving of immediate release,” Judge Reid added.

Aitcheson was sentenced to two years and nine months jail but will be released on parole after four and a half months. -NewsRegional  

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