Ipswich Magistrates Court
Ipswich Magistrates Court Rob Williams

Violent thug's 32 offences

A MAN with a notorious history for violence and dishonesty committed 32 further offences while on bail waiting for his trial for a violent robbery to begin.

Kim Timothy Neville Appleton, 25, was on bail for the violent bashing and robbery of a man at Redbank on January 21 last year, leaving him unconscious, lying facedown in the gutter.

Appleton, along with two co-offenders, Damien Ryan Blewonski, 27, and Danielle Davis, 23, was accused of beating the victim and robbing him of cash.

All three pleaded not guilty to the offence, but were convicted by a jury in Ipswich District Court last week.

At sentencing this week, the court heard that while waiting for the trial to start, Appleton committed a further 32 offences of violence and dishonesty.

Judge Deborah Richards said the "true evil" in the actions of the trio was assaulting the victim to get his money.

Judge Richards acknowledged Davis, who had met her co-offenders only in the minute leading up to the attack, played a minor role and left the scene of the assault halfway through.

Judge Richards said she acknowledged Appleton's long previous criminal history spoke of someone who was homeless and with an alcohol problem, but the parole board had spoken highly of him.

But the judge said by taking the case to trial the trio had shown no remorse.

Appleton was sentenced to three years jail and will be released on parole on November 1 next year.

Blewonski was sentenced to two years jail and will be released on June 1 next year.

Davis, a mother of five, was sentenced to 18 months jail and will be released on November 1.

Appleton's defence lawyer, Yassar Khan, said the robbery hadn't been well planned and his client had not been armed.

Blewonski's defence barrister, Peter Sloan, said the victim hadn't suffered significant injuries as he'd gone to work the next day.

Davis's defence barrister, Geoff Seaholme, said his client played only a very minor role and had never planned to get caught up with the offence on the day.

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