ON PAROLE: Renee Rose-Claire Stothard.
ON PAROLE: Renee Rose-Claire Stothard. Sara Harvey

Violent mum misses out on jail 'holiday'

A MOTHER of three unleashed a violent home invasion in which the victims were bashed repeatedly by her and a co-offender with a baseball bat.

Renee Rose-Claire Stothard, 24, her boyfriend at the time David John Roach, and two other men broke into the home at Bundamba shortly before new year's eve last year by smashing a glass sliding door with a baseball bat.

Ipswich District Court heard there was "some background" between the offending foursome and the victims, when they embarked on the assault on December 29.

Stothard grabbed a victim around the throat and repeatedly punched him while Zakk Alexander Naumann kept look-out with another yet-to-be sentenced offender, James Paul Ian Dooley.

As Stothard and Roach continued to bash two victims with their fists and the bat, Stothard ran upstairs where two terrified women were hiding in the bedroom with a young child.

The court heard there was some confusion as to what Stothard's intentions were by heading up to the upper level, but when she came downstairs she said the child was "up there".

Defence barrister Geoff Seaholme said Stothard never intended to take the child and had three children of her own.

The court heard when first interviewed by a psychiatrist, Stothard said she would not mind going to prison because it would be like "a holiday" which her defence said was clearly a statement of bravado as she had since retracted it.

"In essence she is known as an alcoholic - this can be distinguished by other home invasions because [the offenders] were clearly intoxicated and [both parties] knew each other," Mr Seaholme told the court.

Mr Seaholme said his client was trying to make positive changes in her life and had drastically reduced her alcohol consumption.

He said Naumann was only a minor player in the attack and had lots of family support, even planning on starting a new job today.

Both pleaded guilty to entering a premises with intent at night by breaking in while armed and in company, wilful damage and common assault.

Stothard was sentenced to three years prison and released on immediate parole, as well as six months probation.

Naumann was sentenced to 12 months prison, wholly suspended for 12 months, and put on six months probation.

The sentencing judge said the foursome's actions had taken an "intolerable toll on the personal relationships" of the victims.

"People have a right to feel safe and secure in their own homes - you shattered this illusion," she said. Stothard kept her arms folded and showed no emotion during the sentencing on Friday.

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