UPDATE: A MAN who bashed two elderly Hervey Bay men outside a Brisbane hotel because they were "too old'' will be eligible for parole in less than a year.

A court was yesterday  shown a horrifying video of a man laying into the men, one of whom was visiting Brisbane for cancer treatment.

The two victims go to ground within seconds of the first blows.

Multiple punches and kicks to their heads and bodies caused horrific injuries.

Dylan Bradley Castle, 25, can be seen walking off but as other patrons from the Victory Hotel rushed to help - he comes back and delivers another kick.

Judge Terrence Martin released CCTV footage of the violent bashing on July 1 last year, adding it was in the public interest to have it broadcast.

It showed the "forceful and ugly nature of the attack'', he said.

Graham Law, 64, and brother-in-law Terrence White, 73, ended up with broken bones in hospital.

Mr Law had scheduled treatment for bone cancer the next day but his injuries meant it had to be delayed a month.

Mr White had to have surgery because his facial injuries were so severe.

The men had been eating dinner and watching a game of footy at the hotel when Castle stared at them, paced past them and then told them they were "too old to be here".

Crown prosecutor Carly Whelan told Brisbane District Court that Castle - who pleaded guilty to grievous bodily harm and seriously assaulting a person aged over 60 years - had a long history of violence.

He had binged on alcohol and amphetamines that day after losing his job for fighting at work.

Ms Whelan said Castle had a go at the Hervey Bay men while they were in the hotel because he believed they were too old to be there.

The court heard Castle had been grieving the loss of his father since 2008 and had further gone off the rails upon news of his mother's cancer worsening.

Judge Terrence Martin said that could be no excuse for his long history of violence.

"You cannot escape responsibility for your actions when voluntarily intoxicated by mind-addling illicit drugs, you must have had insight into your capacity to be violent when intoxicated," he said.

"Without any provocation you brutally attacked both men.

"You're a big man.

"They were obviously entirely vulnerable to you.

"The forceful kicks on CCTV footage being repeatedly inflicted on the complainants by you makes one wonder how far greater damage wasn't suffered."

Castle will be eligible to apply for parole on January 2, 2015.

He has already served 305 days in pre-sentence custody.

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