GIANT, decadent and completely over-the-top milkshakes are the secret to one Ipswich cafe thriving in its first year of business.

Made with plenty of lollies, sprinkles, cream and more, 116 Laneway cafe's signature milkshakes were the point of difference the new business needed to see its first anniversary this month.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, more than 60% of small businesses find the first few years the most difficult, a trend these signature milkshakes are helping to buck.

Along with Nutella Tim Tam and caramel popcorn varieties, 116 Laneway cafe's milkshakes appeal the the young and young-at-heart customer and are the sweet success of the business.

"Of course it is that point of difference that has helped us," manager Niloo Desilva said.

"The milkshakes have really helped our business, especially in winter because with the climate and in the school holidays as well because we mainly focus for kids."

Ms Desilva said the first year in business saw the cafe grow from strength to strength and double its work force.

"Starting was really hard, and we had a really hard time because we opened in the summer," she said.

"We started with two staff and I'm really proud to say we have four to five staff now and it's really busy.

"With this heat people are still coming to have milkshakes which are really popular and it is the same with the food here as well."

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