Victims of Box Flat tragedy remembered

IPSWICH will never forget the Box Flat tragedy that struck the city on July 31, 1972.

The mining disaster claimed the lives of 17 men and changed the lives of those left behind forever.

The workers who survived the blast and the mines rescue men were left to deal with the aftermath of the explosion, along with the grieving families and friends of the men killed on that morning.

More than four decades after the disaster, the significance of the tragic event is undeniable through the stories and memories of those impacted.

Yesterday a commemoration service was held at the Box Flat memorial on Swanbank Rd, where a group of survivors and family members gathered together to mark the 42nd anniversary of the city's worst mining disaster.

As the years pass by, it is imperative that Ipswich continues to remember the lives lost.

A group of former miners is leading a campaign to build a memorial to all of the people killed in mining tragedies in Ipswich since 1882.

The mining memorial, to be built in Limestone Park, would be a fitting tribute to honour them and the project should be supported by the Ipswich community.


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