Victim bashed with vacuum pole

A MOTHER of seven led a home invasion at Churchill in which a victim was bashed with a vacuum cleaner pole.

Leanne Maree Hayes, 39, armed herself with a metal tyre lever and enlisted her partner at the time, Steven Alan Rossiter, 36, and her son, Domanic Curtis Evans, 20, to go around to the house and confront the occupants.

Evans was armed with a metal vacuum cleaner pole.

Hayes smashed through a front window, with the trio looking for the ex-partner of Hayes' daughter.

Ipswich District Court heard earlier in the day, on March 7 last year, the ex-partner had had a fight with the daughter's new partner, who was his former friend.

The domestic problem soon turned into a nightmare for the occupants of the Churchill home, which included a grandmother and young children.

Hayes belted the 46-year-old grandmother about the head with the metal pole, causing bruising, haemorrhaging and lacerations to the skull, requiring six staples.

The ex-partner, whom Hayes had gone to confront, sustained significant head injuries.

The grandmother barricaded herself in a bedroom with the small children while Hayes tried to smash the door down to get at her.

Crown prosecutor John Copley said to unleash a home invasion while four young children were present was particularly serious.

All three accused pleaded guilty to four counts each of assault occasioning bodily harm, and burglary by breaking at night while armed in company causing property damage.

Judge Greg Koppenol accepted the defence barrister's submissions that Hayes had had a dysfunctional upbringing, but said that was not an excuse.

"You can have a dysfunctional family - and you can have a dysfunctional family that turns into mayhem," Judge Koppenol said. "It is tragic to see a mother and son in court after committing crimes (together)."

Hayes was sentenced to three years jail, and will be released on parole on January 25 after serving eight months. Rossiter and Evans were sentenced to two years and 18 months prison respectively, and both were released on immediate parole.

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