Raymond Kelly -
Raymond Kelly - "He is a great guy. He will make full recovery. Top mayor and great guy just for a chat." Raymond Kelly

SHOCK: Ipswich reacts to Pisasale's resignation

Queensland Times readers have taken to social media to wish Paul Pisasale all the best after he resigned as mayor due to poor health.

Within just a couple of hours there were more than 100 comments from people following his announcement.


Here's what you said on Facebook:

Janice Nugent - "Very sad news. He has changed the face of Ipswich, and will be missed."

Brett Morrissey - Such a sad way for a career to come to a close

Malcolm Hornburg - No surprise there. Been talk for a very long time. I'd say a few of his mates with be a bit sweaty today as well

Brett Goodlet - "This is a very sad day for Ipswich. Paul was great for this city." 

Katherine Williamson - "Get well Paul. You are a great ambassador and leader of our great city of Ipswich. Thoughts are with his family."

Noela Ann Brack - "Hope you have a speedy recovery. Ipswich has gained so much while you have been Mayor. One of the best mayors I have ever seen."

Tony Willingham - "I'm not from Ipswich originally but I've meet Pisasale and couldn't be prouder to have him represent our great city. Get well soon Paul. My thoughts and prayers are with you!"

Carleen Steele - "Wishing you a speedy recovery. One of the best things to ever happen to Ipswich."

Lynn Murray - "Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Paul. Ipswich wouldn't be the same without your leadership."

Neila Ward - "One fantastic mayor. Done so much for Ipswich. Get well soon Paul."

Phillippa Shepley - "Hope he is well soon. Ipswich knows the integrity of Paul."

Sarah Ashe - "Oh no! Get well, Paul. Hope you are ok. Thoughts are with you."

Brett Goodlet - This is a very sad day for Ipswich. Paul was great for this city. Now we will get the clown Tully who I always said has a hidden agenda. Not good feelings at all

Kathie Cassidy-Smith - Well, that's no surprise.

Anne Fisher - Devastating news that MS has downed another beautiful soul. Fight as hard as you can Paul be stronger than this crippling disease, from another sufferer that you gave strength to. XXX

Cherryl Bull - "I hope that you are feeling better soon, Paul. Sending you all our best wishes."

Michael Burton - "Hope it is nothing too bad. Get well quick, Mayor Paul."



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