Savas Varitimos.
Savas Varitimos.

Valuation industry gets more complicated

SAVAS Varitimos Valuer will clock up 25 years of serving the region this year.

Savas Varitimos Valuer is the only 100% Ipswich owned and operated valuation firm. It provides valuation advice to the private and public sectors.

"Having been born in Ipswich and having worked the area extensively over an extended period I am very familiar with the region,” Mr Varitimos said.

"The purchase, sale or property settlement of an asset is a significant decision for most. For a small fee we provide clients with an evidence-based report which assists them in making a prudent decision. We provide independent valuation and property advice across all asset classes and for all purposes except residential mortgage security purposes.”

Mr Varitimos said he was exposed the property market through his father who was a builder and also had property.

Savas Varitimos Valuer started operation on July 3, 2006, he was registered as a valuer in Queensland on January 7 1992. Apart from this he is also a registered valuer in New South Wales, a licenced real estate agent and a registered builder.

The industry is heavily regulated and Mr Varitimos is a Fellow of the Australian Property Institute and Chair of the Australian Property Institute - Ipswich Discussion Group.

"We have extensive experience in compensation assessments and valuations for the private sector and lending institutions,” he said.

Savas Varitimos Valuer undertakes private sector work that covers residential, commercial, industrial and development sites.

The firm specialises in resumption and compensation matters. This area of valuation is a demanding and precise body of work.

A glance at the industry looks straightforward but there is much more to the role. As a valuer, it is a consistent process of researching and reviewing current information and keeping up to date.

"We (valuers) get criticised for giving a value not seen as appropriate by the owner,” he said.

"I do a lot of work in the Ipswich and surrounding districts. I work closely with lawyers and accountants as the whole industry has become very complex. Twenty-five years ago it was more straightforward.

"In recent years we have been engaged on a number of occasions to act as an expert witness for cases heard in the Land Court.”

Mr Varitimos said the clients he served included Queensland Government through the Department of Transport and Main Roads, Queensland Rail and Translink. He has dealings with the Department of Infrastructure and Planning. He has also worked with local government, banks and utility companies.

Mr Varitimos said he looked forward to the years ahead and was excited and buoyed by the continued growth of the area.

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