Val's Marburg smile to be missed

WE have lost another friend and loyal supporter of trotting in the Ipswich area.

Val Consiglio passed away in Ipswich Hospital on August 23.

Val was a familiar face at race meetings or trial mornings at Marburg where she was a founding member of a women's group committed to enjoying a day at the trots. She promoted happiness and laughter.

In life, she was her husband Chick's greatest supporter, a worker for the Marburg Pacing Association - as first secretary (in the time of Brendan Sheehy's presidency) and as a canteen helper.

Val was 68 at the time of her death.

We are robbed of her smile and sense of humour far too soon.


Key industry day

SEVERAL important items need noting in the black book.

The Industry Day, to be hosted by the Breeders, Owners, Trainers and Reinspersons Association, is on next Sunday at Albion Park.

An early start is planned with a free sausage sizzle at 9am followed by several information sessions on stem cell therapy presented by "MediVet'' as an adjunct to a training regime and an update on the Hendra virus situation with vet Dr Peter Reid and a Q and A segment with Dr Martin Lenz on the importance of vaccination and what the side effects may be.

The September 8 event ramps up at 1pm with a forum entitled "Taking The Industry Forward''.

In the hot seats will be Racing Queensland's CEO Darren Condon, "code specific'' Board members Brad Steele and Greg Mitchell, and Kevin Seymour.

Hopefully, these men will be able to allay any fears you may have about the future of trotting in Queensland.

Make it if you can.


Hendra tug of war

IMMUNISATION for Hendra virus is not yet compulsory.

Understandably, due to the element of risk to human life involved in contact with Hendra positive horses, a tug of war has developed in participants thought patterns.

If there was no risk to humans, the vaccination program would (from feedback relating to adverse reactions to the treatment) be on the skids now.

Some of us lost the earning capacity of horses treated with the Equine Influenza vaccine. It was a random thing with some members of a race team exhibiting very high temperatures over extended periods.

Those horses did not race successfully after, if they raced at all.

Other horses in the same team accepted the treatment with little discernible or lasting ill-effects.

Participants are understandably nervous and wary of a similar result.

Marburg Pacing Association members should be aware the the Annual General Meeting will be in the Marburg Community Hall on Monday, September 9 at 7pm.

There will be an election of officers.

Any member who is keen to contribute some time and effort to fostering trotting in the greater Ipswich area should be nominating for a position.

Sunday mornings trials would be a good time to grab a nomination form from the acceptance office. Any time after 7.15am.

Trials are on as usual at 8am.


A class rumours

THE busy rollers of the rumour mill spilled out a new message in the last week or so.

Rumour would have it that soon, not all "A'' class drivers will be able to drive at Albion Park on a Saturday night.

No one as yet will confirm that it will be necessary to drive in a certain number of races per season to maintain eligibility for a slot in the big time.

It's a good thing that it did not apply at Ballarat just eight days ago, when 79 year old Peter Wells took drives on Dell Boy.

The two-year-old trotter won the first race as a $1.50 favourite, and Donkiri got home narrowly in the second, a trotters handicap.

Wells is seldom seen these days.

However, since he was only required to see that his drives were given a good trip and they had the requisite ability, the winning equation was satisfied.

What a discouraging concept for a trainer driver who prepares his horse in all weathers fair or foul, to be told that he must hand the reins to someone who might well ignore any given instructions, hand the horse back in a near distressed condition and tell the trainer that "it's not much good''.

The story, if it's true, is that this move is being considered for the protection of the punters, who are well able to work out the finer points of race driving for themselves.


Handy hints

SELECTIONS for Albion Park tonight: R1 - Box trifecta 1-5-12: Enthral (G. Dixon)--A Passion For Aces (B. Hewitt)--Davey J (P. McMullen).

R2: E/w 1: Cold Shark (L. Weidemann).

R3: E/w 8: Slick Chandon (M. Neilson).

R4: Quinella 1-8: Baileys Spirit (A. Sanderson) and Honky Tonk Hanover (G. Whitaker).

R5: E/w 4: Alberts Flight (A. Barnes).

R6: E/w 2: Valiant Sue (B. Cockburn).

R7: E/w 2: Montana Tess (D. Graham).

R8: E/w 1: Smooth Cha Cha (B. Cockburn).

R9: Quinella 1-7: Nurse Feelgood (T. Dawson) and Chicka Chicka (G. Dixon).


Honour board

BELLS and whistles on the leader board this week. The Lord Mayor of Fernvale, Darrel Graham, swept all before him, with six winners trained and five driven.

Gold Coast, August 23: Rollon Montana (Darrel Graham); Supabet (Pete for Chantal Turpin).

Albion Park, August 24: Final Champion (Rob Gorman for Bill Crosby); Praze An Beeble (Darrel Graham); Sea Spray Notch (Lola Weidemann for Greg Minns).

Albion Park, August 26: Midnight Montana (Darrel Graham).

Albion Park, August 27: Montana Falcon (Darrel Graham); Compton Street (Chantal Turpin); Pocket The Dream (Narissa for John McMullen).

Redcliffe, August 28: Hitemup (Darrel Graham).

Redcliffe, August 29: Oneonthewood (Pete for Chantal Turpin); White Eye Markei (Adam Sanderson for Darrel Graham).

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