SWIPE RIGHT: Founder of Regency Downs Walking Group Pamela Boyle described the Facebook group as “tinder for walking”. (AAP Image/Richard Walker)
SWIPE RIGHT: Founder of Regency Downs Walking Group Pamela Boyle described the Facebook group as “tinder for walking”. (AAP Image/Richard Walker)

Valley women swipe right for ‘Tinder’ walking group

HOW often have you heard friends make new year’s resolutions, only to discover they’ve fallen through two weeks later?

For many, getting through the first month of a new year’s fitness resolution doesn’t happen.

But the story is a little different for two Regency Downs women who decided to start a walking group.

On Thursday night, Pamela McMillan and her friend launched a Facebook group to help those eager to exercise find a walking buddy.

Pamela described Regency Downs Walking Group as “sort of like a Tinder for walking”.

“The aim is just to create an avenue for people of the community to connect socially through walking,” Pamela said.

“As it is only a very new group, we are encouraging people to post a time and date that would suit them and find a walking buddy that’s convenient.”

The group already has 13 official members.

Pamela said she was amazed at how much interest it had garnered in such a short space of time and that walkers had a number of different reasons for joining the group.

“Feedback for joining generally mention (being) new to the area, safety concerns regarding loose dogs and motivation,” she said.

Selina Boyle gets in her car and drives 20 minutes to Laidley from her home in Regency Downs just so she can park her car and walk.

She participates in Laidley and Gatton based walking groups, eager to keep fit in company.

To say Selina was keen to join a group taking place on her door step would be an understatement, when she saw the group on Facebook

“It’s definitely something our area needs,” she said.

“I literally drive from my place over to the Laidley township to go with a group over there or I travel to Gatton to go to Lake Apex.”

She said exercising in company was ideal for safety and social reasons.

“I love the social aspect and they keep you motivated as well, which is my biggest thing,” she said.

“To walk by myself, half the time getting my shoes on is an issue.”

Running in her neighbourhood, Selina has encountered dogs, escaped from their yards.
“Roaming dogs are killer – they come running out at you and scare the s**t out of me,” she said.

“It happens in a group as well but, at least with more people, dogs are less likely to do anything.”

Describing herself more as a slow runner than a walker, Selina said walking played an important role in helping her reach her goals.

“I am training for my first marathon this year,” she said.

“In saying that, walking is part of the training.”

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