Vaccination program a boost for human and equine health

IT'S been a week of important decisions and announcements.

It has now become clear that, in the interests of public and equine health, only horses which have been vaccinated against Hendra virus will be permitted to race in Queensland.

Racing Queensland has put in place a vaccination program for trots and gallops which includes two primer shots, administered by vets at an interval of three to six weeks, prior to September 30.

These will be followed by a single booster shot six months later.

The first primer will be free and the second will attract a $3.50 rebate from the manufacturer resulting in an envisaged cost of $106.50 to $146.50 plus travel charges for vets to administer shots and complete paperwork.

Check the following link on RQ website: Standardbred Hendra Virus Vaccination Program Form.

Trainers should be aware of the following rule: (a) A trainer shall not permit a horse that has been vaccinated for Hendra virus to start in any race, official trial or jump-out for seven clear days from the day of vaccination.


New service

IN light of the success of such aids to the average and novice punter as Trottips and The Watch Dog in recent times, a new service is on the table.

Google "Reward Bet'' and make yourself familiar with what is on offer. It is an interesting concept, and, like Trottips, completely ignores the fact that we are still pushing to maximise turnover with a totally "punter unfriendly'' format.

Reward Bet at least acknowledges that you will all have to behave like professional punters (not easy if you have limited time at your disposal). Their final statement brings a measure of hope.

"In the longer term, through initiatives like those implemented by the greyhound and harness industries, customers will be educated and become passionate enough to do their own form.

"Once the bug bites, you will be a customer for life, pursuing a past time and enjoyment that provides not just the opportunity for some extra dollars, but also an intellectual pursuit and a way to make lifelong friends and become a fan of the industry."

It begs the question: Is this about betting on horse racing, or a primer for a post in academia? Professor of Wagering perhaps?


Dual code option

A BIG positive came for trotting when a meeting of interested parties was held at Kilcoy on August 15.

The subject was the possibility of programming a dual code race meeting at Kilcoy in the not too distant future.

This was no hit and miss affair as among those present were a large number of people who could make this proposal a fact, including the Racing Minister Steve Dickson.

The event, an initiative of The Kilcoy gallops and Redcliffe harness clubs, provides a brilliant spectacle for patrons. It is also a lead in to the grass circuit racing which is so popular in New Zealand.

It will happen and Kilcoy club chairman Con Searle, along with Kerry Ebert and major sponsor Chris Garrard representing Redcliffe trots, are keen to see that this is the case.

I drove my first winner on grass at Richmond NSW. Many older locals had experience at Kalbar Show

Don't let anyone tell you that trotters and pacers can't go on grass, plenty just fly on it.


Star-studded line-up

TONIGHT'S Drivers Invitation Series in the first three races brings together a star-studded line-up of sulky sitters.

It's an interesting mix of youth and older reinsmen.

Strangely, there are no women here.

Their lifetime tallies of winners are awesome to say the least.

The following stats are wins in Australia alone, no overseas successes being available at short notice.

As at Thursday afternoon, the totals were: (Vic) Gavin Lang 5231, Greg Sugars 1554; (SA) David Harding 2060, Ryan Hryhorec 1020; (WA) Chris Lewis 4497, Gary Hall Jnr 1818; (Tas) James Rattray 144; (NZ) Mark Jones 1365 and Blair Orange 842.

Our stars are Barty Cockburn (374), Pete McMullen (773) and Mathew Neilson (1514).

All up, on the track in each race, the drivers have 21,192 winners.

It's the stuff of dreams.


Marburg trials

MARBURG jumpouts are on tomorrow. Nominations at 7.15am, education goes at 8am.

It's a chance to improve the fitness and or the manners of your horses.


Handy tips

SELECTIONS for Albion Park tonight: R1 - E/w 6: Major Strike (G. Hall jnr).

R2: Quinella 1-3: In No Mans Land (G. Lang) and Davey J (B. Orange).

R3: Quinella 1-13: Slick Chandon (B. Orange) and Heathbern Diamond (J. Rattray).

R4: E/w 1: Prince Benji (J. Wanless).

R5: E/w 9: Alberto Contador (G. Dixon).

R6: E/w 4: Adios Gryphon (M. Neilson).

R7: Box trifecta 1-6-7: Macs Choice (B. Cockburn)-Nothings Final (M. Neilson)-Trikala (B. Hewitt).

R8: E/w 2: Montana Tess (D. Graham).

R9: Six for the first four 1-3--5-7-8-12: Mister Malakye (G. Harris)-Sun Lad (F. Bennett)-Sea Spray Notch ( L. Weidemann)-Sunnivue Ted (M. Neilson)-Ladyboomschukaluka (D. Hancock)-Real Deal Yankee (G. Whitaker).


Honour board

Leader board spoils well shared with Ray Law, Greg Elkins and Chantal Turpin training two apiece and four drivers again sharing two wins - Law, Narissa McMullen, Pete McMullen and Gary Whitaker. Law has to get the nod for an individual performance.

Gold Coast, August 16: Won Delight Gary Whitaker for Ken Belford).

Albion Park, August 17: Western Mail (Rob Gorman for Bill Crosby); Overlap (Pete for Chantal Turpin).

Albion Park, August 19: Newmerella Fella (Brett for Max Towns); Melton Bonover (Gary Whitaker for Jenny Halliday).

Redcliffe, August 21: White Eye Markei (Darrel Graham); Noel Hamric (Narissa McMullen for Greg Elkins); My Mate Billy (Narissa McMullen for Greg Elkins).

Gold Coast, August 22: Ideal Tact (Ray Law); Lively Hero (Ray Law); Riverboat Diamond (Pete for Chantal Turpin).

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