ON TRIAL: Christian Anderson, with a member of his legal team, outside the Central Hotel during yesterday's visit by the jury.
ON TRIAL: Christian Anderson, with a member of his legal team, outside the Central Hotel during yesterday's visit by the jury. Craig Warhurst

Ute slap 'triggered' Cenny bouncer, jurors told

HOTEL bouncer Christin Anderson is on trial accused of punching and kicking the face of a backpacker who slapped his beloved red ute outside the Central Hotel.

Anderson has pleaded not guilty to assaulting Barry Smith causing bodily harm while in company on October 25, 2014.

Crown prosecutor Sandra Cupina today told jurors in the Bundaberg District Court that the slap may have been a "trigger" to Anderson, who was heard to say "You hit my car d******d".

Ms Cupina said Anderson was the hotel's head security officer that night when a large man in a black shirt with security tag number 666 ran across the road from the hotel and forced Mr Smith to the ground.

The man is alleged to have kicked Mr Smith's face and punched and hit him while he was on the ground.

Ms Cupina said the man kicked Mr Smith in the back then restrained him.

A female friend of Mr Smith was horrified and had to be restrained.

Mr Smith suffered a fractured eye socket, a spinal fracture and bruising.

Ms Cupina said 666 was Anderson's security ID number and his conduct had been violent and unlawful.

She said the jury would hear evidence that Mr Smith tried to get into the Central but was refused entry by Anderson because he had no identification.

As Mr Smith walked away with a female friend toward McDonalds he went past a parked red ute on Targo St and slapped it. It was undamaged.

Ms Cupina said the ute belonged to Anderson and Mr Smith's slap appearred to have triggered him

She said Mr Smith would tell jurors that Anderson kicked him in the face and body and hit and punched him when on the ground, while he was curled up in a ball saying "I'm sorry... I'm sorry".

Giving evidence, Constable Joshua Ellis told the court that when he arrived outside Central he saw Anderson's red Hilux ute parked and could hear "a commotion going on".

"I observed a male lying on the ground face down, half wedged against a vehicle," he said.

"Christin (Anderson) was holding him down in a lunging fashion, his left knee was above his (Smith's) shoulder blades, neck area," he said.

Const Ellis, who knew Anderson, said he asked him to get off the man.

Another security officer, Jason Rammett, was also there.

In cross-examination by defence barrister Catherine Morgan, Const Ellis said Anderson had a distinctive red ute.

He disagreed with Ms Morgan that the position Anderson was in - on top of Mr Smith - had been towards his lower back, instead saying "very upper portion near his neck ... I thought it an extremely high position".

Senior Constable Andrew Blunt, who arrived at the scene with Const Ellis, said he saw a large man with a beard, a security officer from the hotel, holding one of Smith's arms up "like an arm lock".

"He was on top of him, (on his) back or shoulder area," Snr Const Blunt said.

"The man was struggling, complaining, lots of yelling, (saying) 'let me up'."

Snr Const Blunt said Mr Rammett had been holding Mr Smith's legs.

He arrested and handcuffed Mr Smith for causing public nuisance.

But after examining Mr Smith's facial injuries - including a black eye closed by swelling - with a torch, Snr Cnst Blunt said he removed the handcuffs.

Mr Smith he was taken to Bundaberg Hospital.

Judge Terry Martin SC adjourned yesterday afternoon's proceedings to take jurors to a viewing of the crime scene outside the Central Hotel.

The trial is expected to continue today.

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